BlackBerry Bold 9700 versus the BlackBerry Bold 9000



With the BlackBerry Bold 9700 now official, we can take a look at the known specs for the device. Overall, things are to be expected. The device takes everything that the 9000 had, and improves on it. The easiest way to understand the Bold 9700, is to see how it compares to its predecessor.


As you can see from the above image, the form factor is significantly more compact in the 9700 than with the Bold 9000. Every dimension of the 9700 is smaller, especially the weight. The Bold 9700 weighs in at 89 grams, while the Bold 9000 weighs in a 136 grams.


In terms of available features, the Bold 9700 packs everything that the 9000 had, but a few changes have been made. Most notably, the device uses a trackpad, whereas the Bold 9000 uses a trackball. This is unofficially the new standard at RIM and it’s very welcomed. Trackballs tend to break and a trackpad will mean the device lasts much longer. Also improved is the camera. The standard for RIM is now 3.2MP, which provides decent pictures, good enough for sharing on the Internet at least.


The media capabilities of the 9700 are better than the 9000. The 9700 packs 480×360, whereas the Bold 9000 comes in at 480×320. Again, everything we’re reading about this device tells us it’s a little better spec wise with a much more modern form factor.


There isn’t anything spectacular to report in terms of new media functionality but that is to be expected. We do know that this device will ship with OS 5, meaning the media experience from a software perspective will be a little improved. Overall, OS 5 is going to make this device a little better in terms of navigation and user interface.


The battery life has been significantly improved on the 9700. RIM has managed to add 1.5 hours of talk time and 8.5 days of life to the battery. This may turn out to be the most loved feature of them all.

So it looks like the Bold 9700 is shaping up to be a top-of-the-line device. Running on 3G HSDPA networks, packing a 624 MHz processor, 256 MB Flash memory, built-in GPS and WiFi, 3.2MP camera and a sharp display, you can’t go wrong with this BlackBerry.

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  • gabomfc

    tu y todos los gringos chinguen bien a su pinche madre!!

  • lil

    it comes with 2 gig i got my fone from tmobile and the ups delievered i opened the box and the memory card is 2 GB ^^

  • lil

    it comes with 2 gig i got my fone from tmobile and the ups delievered i opened the box and the memory card is 2 GB ^^

  • lil

    it comes with 2 gig i got my fone from tmobile and the ups delievered i opened the box and the memory card is 2 GB ^^

  • John de Mol

    first i had the 9000 but 3 days ago i bought the 9700. The new Bold to me, is a real improvement. its faster and somehow i find it easier to use.Only the keyboard is something i have to get used to because its a little smaller, but it all works great.

  • John de Mol

    first i had the 9000 but 3 days ago i bought the 9700. The new Bold to me, is a real improvement. its faster and somehow i find it easier to use.
    Only the keyboard is something i have to get used to because its a little smaller, but it all works great.

  • Shehryar

    ppl who dont have the 9700 are missing out and the design, features, processor is much superior than the predessor…

  • Taozi

    I had a 9000, but it got lost. I just purchased a 9700, I don't like it at all. The only thing I like on the 9700 is the track pad, nothing else. Compare these two units, there are not much difference on the technology side, so I'm going back to 9000, since there's not much advance in the technology/feature side, I want the bigger screen, the bigger keyboard, and the real bold look! The 9700 does not look “bold” at all, so tiny. I suggest you go to the dealer, feel it yourself first before you make a decision. Some people like a tiny phone, some people like a 'bolder' one.

  • Taozi

    Lucky I'm in the area that I have five days to try or swap. I'm going to turn in the 9700 for a 9000 (I recently lost one).

  • lionesss


  • lionesss

    I like the fact that the BB-Bold has finally lost some weight…gives it a more feminine and sleek look. I'm SOLD on the 9700!

  • Frank

    What's in a number…; the BB 9000 is kinda like a Saab 9000; not the latest in technology but oh so very well designed with a rock-solid feel. The BB 9700 is more like a Saab 9-3; more modern, but lacks a bit of the 'quality feel' of the older model.

  • DinkumDaddy

    spot-on, Frank! from another SAAB 9000 driver (18 y.o., still going strong)

    Got my lady a Bold 9700, but am sticking with the 9000 myself – solid, better to type on, no worries with running enterprise and private email accounts, also great MP3 Player.

    Dont understand the guys who say the 9000 is too large for their pockets – must be wearing tight jeans ;-)

  • K B Menon

    i have blackberry 9000bold i didnt find any difficulty now except editing of forward messages

  • rachael899

    hey everyone
    i am just your average person who will just use the blackberry bold as a phone to text and call and sometimes use facebook
    would the 9000 or 9700 bet better or are both of these to confusing if i all i want to do is text, call and facebook, would a normal phone be better???

  • pan dee choli yavaya

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  • m0nkey

    the onboard memory of the BB 9700 is only 256MB while the older version BB 9000 has 1GB. that's the main concern for business users with lots of emails.

  • Ek

    Definitely definitely agree!

  • heaven

    you can change the sensitivity level of the pad :)

  • enrique esperanza

    i have blackberry bold 9000, and i really think that 9000 looks better than the 9700.

  • enrique esperanza

    i have blackberry bold 9000, and i really think that 9000 looks better than the 9700.

  • PJ

    I got an upgrade to 9700 from 9000 last week.

    But will not use it for a long time because it seems the 9000 was made for me!! Big BOLD and reliaable

  • abey alex

    go 4 bb 9000

  • Kenneth

    Hey people,

    I am thinking about buying a new blackberry. My current phone is the Blackberry Curve 8520 but i think it's way to small and it doesn't even look like a blackberry.
    sow my question to you guys:
    9000 or 9700 ?

    I am having the same problems as many of you… i love the looks of the 9000 and the keyboard is just fantastic but than on the other side.. the 9700 has the new OS and it appereas to be faster on the internet and lagging les than the 900 does.

    it's a delimma…

    Can some one just make a dissicion for me, because i really don't know what to do.

    one more question:
    if you compare the bold 9000 and 9700, you see that the hard/software of the 9700 are much better but is this improvement enough reason to buy the 9700 because honestly i like the bold 9000 more than the 9700.

    hope you can help me!

  • irfan

    i dont know which phone shall i buy 9000 or 9700 bold..

  • Kenneth

    Go for the 9000.

    i had the same problem but believe me, you'll regret it if you choose the 9700.. it's way to small and the trackpad isn't as good as they say.. believe me on this one, i have a curve 8520.

  • Steveo

    “Cell phone's data devices originated as small”
    WHATEVER !! Dont know where you got your information but I got a cell phone before anyone else I even knew had one. Now I dont know anyone who doesnt have one. SMALL lol !! My first cell phone, when they “originated” as you say, was the size of an old mans shaving kit with a battery that weighed about 4lbs and half the size of a brick. The hand held portion (that you speak into) was corded and half the size of a brick. With this said, you most likely are hardly old enough to remember a cassette tape. Before you tout how things “originated”, you may consider a google search or consult someone who changed your diaper……

  • Amar Malhi

    9700 is now $150 with all major `companies in canada

  • BB 8830


  • Unlocked Blackberry Phones

    I like the bold 9700 for the fact that it has WIFI finally, and the Bold 9650 CDMA version too, BUT i care NOT for the new Touch Style . . . .Bring back the ball

  • Corissa

    Hey guys, so I own the bb bold 9000 i looove it the big screen and key board are amazing!
    So I'm only 16, so I'm just in it for the sleek look, the texting and the pictures and facebook. It docent take too too great picture, with the flash they look horrible! i love texting on the keypad!
    But I have a choice to make, if i want to upgrade to the bold 9700, it looks much more feminine! its smaller i like that but i love my big key board. another thing with my 9000 is that the volume buttons on the side are starting to stick, i never touch my phone with wet or sticky fingers so not suure… plus the ball usually sticks and the track pad looks much nicer, but I've used my friends and it is very sensitive. not sure what to do here, i love my 9000 but the 9700 looks a little bit nicer :P I do have to the choice to switch back though if i end up not liking the 9700. HELP :)

  • Hero_krueger

    I have both 9000 and 9700, and enjoying both in different ways, but i must say bold does it better in typing.

  • Ray

    I just got my bold 9000….i LIKE it a lot but i still kinda regret not getting the 9700. i was due for an upgrade and i read a lot about how the 9000, was great when it cane to texting and email because of the beloved large keyboard. But i also had no idea that it was an old phone.

    I am one of those ppl who like to be up to date when it comes to mobile phones and im only 16 :P

    But now that i have started taking more pictures and noticed that the bold 9000 has a MUCH better camera and looks kinda sleeker than the 9000 i regret and not regret. what should i have done?

  • Vincent

    I find with the pad that moisture in my thumb makes it stick… a real pain

  • Fred

    I am just making data transfer froma 9000 to 9700. I haven't used 9700 yet but I think I agree with all your observations and wishes… only a couple more observations:
    1) maybe some of your wished capabilities suggested for a future model are in conflict: for istance a larger screen may determinate a faster consuption of energy… or may be not, but it sounds logical…
    2) you did't consider the dimension and weight factor: it is a lot more confortable to have a smaller and lighter device…
    3) Will 9700 be as shock resistant as 9000: i'll let you know…

  • Fred

    ops, this also is an interesting point of wiew

  • Jeboelt

    I had THE bold 9000 and chance it for THE 9700 and i want THE 9000 back it's better for me and it's amazing THE design


    Calling the Bold 9700 a women's phone is hysterical. GTFOOH if you really think there's male and female differences. People complained about 9000's bulkiness… so what did BB do? They made it sleek. The 9000 looks like a hunk of sh*t next to a 9700 design wise. You sacrifice .2 screen size for better picture quality. In a time dominated by HD, I'll give up the .2 anyday. The OS on the 9700 runs so much more smoothly than the 9000. You DO NOT have to wait for anything. I've had my 9700 for 3 months… I have YET to drop a call or have it go dead on me. (Trust me, I use it A LOT for school, texting, data, etc. ). You people complaining about the trackball need to get with the new. The trackball would leave a blister on my thumb… The trackpad is sexy, ACCURATE, and much more comforting to the fingers. I can see where bigger than average males might have a problem “fat-fingering” the 9700.. and hey, that sucks, but you're the minority (sorry). I'm 5'9 190 and after a week or so the new keyboard worked just as fine. I'm not sure about you folks, but I take a lot of pictures with my BB. HELLO! 3.2 MP > 2.0 , and it's much more noticeable than the screen size difference. My 9700 has yet to lock up on me once. Turning it off, and then back on (reset) can be done within 30 seconds! My Bold 9700's 3G loaded the same youtube video faster than a 3G iphone AND iphone4 at the same time.

    Also nobody has mentioned how well the “mute” and “lock” options are meshed on top of the 9700. Seriously, as a business major, I would highly recommend 9700 over 9000. Better picture quality, better camera, better battery life (by far), BLAZING fast 3G, BBM style text, trackpad, and definitely an overall design upgrade. Best phone I've owned easily. User friendly, great reception all the time. What more could you want? Oh ya… that big .2 screen size difference ;)

  • jenny

    BB 9000 = FOR MEN
    BB970= FOR WOMEN

    ahaha =D

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  • Darren

    i cant send any sms text from my blackberry phone it comes up as invalid mandatory information

  • Rudolphcrandon

    are their any plans to upgrade the bb 9000 to os soon will this happen

  • Robert

    Your completely right. This is also the reason why I choose for the 9000.
    And to my opinion it looks better aswell