Rate your friends and celebs with faceRate for BlackBerry



In the tradition of Hot or Not apps, faceRate gives a 1-10 rating for a face, based on measurements such as distance between the eyes, symmetry of the face etc.

Even though the app can be really harsh, it’s pretty fun to use with friends. All you do is take a picture and align the image as per the app’s specifications. The app will give you a 1 to 10 rating which you can use to compare with friends, or against celebrities such as:

Megan Fox: 9.2
Scarlett Johansson: 9.0
Madonna: 8.7
Lady Gaga: 8.5
Katy Perry: 8.3
Angelina Jolie: 8.3
Brad Pitt: 8.2
Gerard Butler: 8.1

faceRate is available $1.99 until November 1st (regularly $2.99).

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