Boingo launches BlackBerry app for cheap WiFi while traveling

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Traveling while roaming can lead to some pretty incredible data charges so it’s important to stick to WiFi when possible. It’s fairly easy to get a free WiFi connection jumping between cafes, but places such as the airport are completely devoid of a free connection.

This is where having a Boingo account pays off. The BlackBerry app, which has been in beta, is now officially available from The app allows you to connect to the Boingo network from your smartphone, and use data freely.

You will have to sign up for a mobile account which costs $7.95 ($2 less than the laptop charge). At the moment, the application is only available for the Curve 8900, Curve 8320 and the BlackBerry Bold.

  • Meg
    Boingo’s mobile application for BlackBerry also supports the new BlackBerry Storm 2 handheld! The free mobile app is ready to download. Check it out.
  • Wolfgang muller
    You will get Internet access at a blazing 11 megabits per second, 100's times faster than a 56K dial-up or 3G connection. All you need is your Wi-Fi enabled laptop or Pocket PC
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