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Deal of the Day: Beyond160 lets CDMA users type longer SMS messages



BlackBerry Cool readers are very familiar with the application Beyon160. It allows you to use more than the 160 character limit, imposed on BlackBerry users by Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, and all other CDMA carriers.

So if you’re a CDMA BlackBerry user, consider Beyond160, on sale for today only for $3.50 (regularly $6.99).

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Download the BlackBerry Developer Conference Mobile Guide



Got the tip from Ronen at BerryReview that the BlackBerry Developer Conference Mobile Guide is now available for download. This free app is a must have for anyone attending the event, and it’s compatible with all BlackBerry devices. I’m running it on the Storm2 9550 right and it’s very smooth.

Even if you’re not at the conference, this would be a great way to see what you’re missing. The guide gives you access to schedules, maps, and speaker bios for the conference.

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference!

Check out the BlackBerry Developer Conference Mobile Guide in App World now.

BlackBerry Tour2 codenamed BlackBerry essex details and video



As usual, CrackBerry Kevin overshadows a new device launch with video of an unreleased BlackBerry. Gotta love it. The BlackBerry Tour2 9650, codenamed essex, is nothing spectacular, and is just the Tour 9630 with a trackpad and WiFi.

This must be incredibly frustrating for those who bought the Tour 9630. It just goes to show that you pay a high price for being an early adopter. If I had to blame someone for this, it would be the carriers. I’m sure RIM would love to have released the Tour with WiFi, but the greedy carriers knew that early adopters burn through significantly more data than your average user, and withholding WiFi is a quick way to make cash. Now that the early adopters have been tapped, carriers are comfortable releasing the WiFi version for everyone else.

No word on pricing or a release date yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.
Click through for the video

What would you buy with the Verizon BOGO campaign?


So now that the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9550 is live and they’re offering a Buy One Get One free campaign, what would you buy? Personally, I like the idea but I think it’s a bit of a scam. Everything that you get “free”, will cost you monthly, except for the Netbook, which is currently out of stock. Coincidence?

ED NOTE: Apologies, you actually do need a monthly plan for a netbook. I figured you could get WiFi on the device and avoid the data plan but that’s not the case.

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Rogers Wireless profits dip albeit surge in data revenue


Rogers has seen a dip in profits in their media and retail outlets, while at the same time they have seen an increase in wireless data revenue. This is good evidence that the carrier should be nothing more than a pipe for data, and shut down its business of selling software and even devices.

Wireless data revenue jumped 46%, to $372 million. Year-to-date, wireless data revenue has increased 42% to $982 million. Rogers Wireless posted overall revenue of $1.76 billion, a 2% increase from a year ago.

This surge in wireless data usage and revenues is a direct result of selling so many BlackBerry devices. Rogers sold more than 370,000 smartphones, the majority of which were BlackBerry, followed by iPhone with a smattering of Android.

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BlackBerry App World now available in Indonesia and Singapore



Now that Indonesia and Singapore have such devices as the Curve 8520, Bold and Storm, App World is the next obvious move.

Users from these countries were elated when we posted about How to Get Free Apps from App World in Any Country, but now they can do it legitimately and get paid apps as well.

According to the press release, users can find applications “specifically built for the region.” Some Indonesia specific apps include Taxi Indonesia Dialer, Makan and Caripromo. Users from Singapore will enjoy applications such as iCab SG. Foyage, Spionard and Pintas are also available for users in both Indonesia and Singapore.

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