Rogers Bold 9700 available, White Bold 9000, and Camera-free Bold 9000

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Bla1ze from crackberry reports on the recently availability of the Rogers Bold 9700. The new device has “became available today for retailers to order through hardware management”. Rogers has been quietly shipping dummy devices to their retail channels, with the devices now available in the inventory to certain CSRs, how much longer before the retail Rogers Bold 9700 launch? Also available are the White Bold 9000, as well as a cameraless Bold 9000.

  • Caspan
    I had my hands on a 9700 unit from a Rogers rep on Saturday and I can tell you the weight and feel of the device is amazing. I love my 9000 but to cram all of that into a smaller package and the weight just makes it feel solid and like it could take a few beatings. RIMs done another good job on this device in my books.
  • Kevin
    Too bad Rogers has decided to not support UMA/Talkspot! Received email from CSR this AM confirming the phones can now be ordered, so we should start seeing them within a week or so depending where you live.
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