Kathy Buckworth shares some BlackBerry parenting tips

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Kathy Buckworth has a book coming out that BlackBerry moms are sure to love. Traveling and taking care of her two young ones (and 2 teenagers) over the years, Kathy has compiled a host of tips and tricks for keeping the kids entertained and staying organized as a busy mother. Her book, The BlackBerry Diaries: Adventures in Modern Motherhood, is a funny tale of how a mother of two and technology meet.

Here are some of Kathy’s tips for BlackBerry moms:

What to do during down time:

  • Organize your ToDo list (make sure to get that pedicure on there!)
  • Check the traffic on your local news station’s website (shortest route to take screaming kids is a good thing)
  • Investigate the hottest BlackBerry applications on BlackBerry World (a new game, a calorie counter, you never know)
  • Send a text or email to your teen to remind them of their chores. Cybernagging at its best.
  • Google where to buy those specific dance tights. The show is tomorrow - put it in your calendar!

Some random examples of how your BlackBerry can help with parenting:

  • Using the soft glow of your BlackBerry screen to check on a sleeping baby without waking them up. Shhhh!
  • Downloading the Flashlight app is a huge help in entertaining the kids during a power outage.

  • Baby Parenting Books
    This book is really useful for a mom that uses a blackberry phone.
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