Dope Wars more awesome on BlackBerry as Druglord Wars


Berry Wars has been given a huge update and is now a visually stunning BlackBerry game called Druglord Wars. The game is just like the original Dope Wars, where the aim is to buy low and sell high, all the while avoiding the cops.

Some new features to the game include:

  • Global online leaderboard to compare your skills to the world.
  • 17 drugs to buy and sell in 11 beautifully rendered cities.
  • 18 weapons and storage containers to take down enemies and hold more drugs.
  • Over 125 custom designed images just for BlackBerry.
  • Save games and preview progress before resuming.
  • Unlimited gameplay mode to see how far you can take your drug empire.

The game is currently on sale for $3.99 until November 20th (regularly $4.99). Druglord Wars is available for OS 4.6 and up with 480×320 or 480×360 screens, and there are plans to support 4.5+ with 320×240 soon.