Giveaway: Super QWERTY launches apps from the keyboard

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One of the more popular apps for BlackBerry is QuickLaunch, a simple app that gives you access to any preset application with a few clicks. In the same style is an app called Super QWERTY that provides you single shortcut key access to all your apps. Just launch the app with “q” from the main screen and follow up with the next corresponding key for whatever app you would like to launch.

Super QWERTY are giving away 30 copies of the software for you to try it out. Just use the coupon code BBCOOLSQWERTY to get one of 30 free copies.

Super QWERTY is also available on a free trial or purchase for $3.99.

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of this app.

  • Ira
    I want Super Qwerty!
  • Erik
    Cool app. I want a copy.
  • erik
    Really cool app. I want a copy.
  • dannyb1301
  • syclone1978
    That would be very convenient and thank you for the opportunity to play
  • BenjaminChen
    Take a chance
  • mtnbik3r
    this will be an amazing extension to functionality. especially since the trackball on my tour gives me such issues...thanks for the free copy
  • T-Rave
    This app sounds awesome!
  • Alex
    Sounds like a useful app. I'm curious to see how it compares to Quicklaunch.
  • mediabw
    I had touchlauncher for my palm treo, and I've always wanted it for my blackberry bold!
    I welcome the chance to try this program out!
    Thnak you!
  • Stu
    Wow souds like a really useful app.
  • Mick Dutcher
    Have been looking for a good launcher and Super QWERTY looks like a keeper. May try it out, and getting a free copy would even be better! Happy New Year everyone!
  • Sebastian
    Thank you SOOO much!
  • GArvey
    Thanks for the opportunity! ANything that can add efficiency to my BB is a welcome addition!
  • Diego
    I want one of those.. its super cool
  • Sue Densmore
    Count me in - sounds like a cool app!
  • Bharat Tewari
    This app sounds great...would love to use this
  • sean ng
    Sound great ! i would like to try it out. thanks Blackberry Cool. pls pick me
  • Paul
    All used up...too late.
  • vcora
    Wanna try
  • Josh
    How do you apply a coupon code? When I get an app on the BB, I click purchase, which then brings me to the paypal login screen. Once I enter my password, I get to a screen that seems to offer me only the option to make the purchase. At what point do I enter the coupon code?
  • Cee Pee
    This app looks super cool.. send one my way. thanks.
  • Todd Brady
    thanks :D
  • Rey
    A SUPER THANK YOU to SuperQwerty and BlackBerryCool. :)
  • Leslie
    Just downloaded the app for free, tried it out and think it works great! Thanks!
  • Zed
    Thanks so much for the free app, BBCOOL! You guys rock!
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