BlackBerry Pearl 9100 aka Stratus details and video leaked


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[Sorry folks - Looks like you'll have to check back another time because we have since taken these pictures down. Don't worry, more will come soon.]

Salomondrin posted more details and video about the BlackBerry Pearl 9100, also known as the Stratus, Striker or Pearl 2 (Pearl2?). There are a few crucial updates to this device that make it something Pearl owners are going to like. It has a trackpad as all the latest devices have been sporting, 3G, media keys on the top, 3.2MP camera with flash, and a more curvy form factor.

One of the bigger updates to the Pearl series are media keys at the top of the device. I get the feeling a lot of Pearl users are on the consumer, younger demographic side of BlackBerry users and this feature should get a lot of use.

The memory on this device has been almost doubled. The original Pearl device came with 64 MB of on board memory, while the 9100 is showing over 120 MB of application space. Considering there are way more apps available since the last Pearl update, this memory is going to get chewed up fast. Thankfully, you can now archive apps, but it’s getting time for RIM to really push these numbers up to the 1 Gig level.

According to Sal, the 9100 he’s holding is definitely not the final build and is not ready for sale. The device is running OS and is said to be running smoothly in terms of navigation. The device is a little too pre-release as the camera app doesn’t work.

The updated camera and flash is a nice addition to the Pearl family. I’m hoping 3.2 is the new standard for next gen BlackBerrys, and while the cameras tend to need work at night, they take really decent pictures under the right lighting conditions.

Sal is guessing at a release data of April 2010, which is quite a long way away. We’ve heard rumors of 2010 bringing 16 new BlackBerry devices to market, so it should be interesting to see what else comes out of the pipe.