Cyber Monday: 50% off 10 top-selling BlackBerry Apps


MH-BB Nov 09 Banner

The Mobile Heist is back and for Cyber Monday we have 10 of the best-selling apps on sale for 50% off. There are no coupon codes required and the deal will run until 10PM PST tonight. What a week of deals this has been.

TetherBerry - Access the Internet on your laptop through your BlackBerry’s data plan anywhere.
Sale price $24.98 (regularly $49.95)

BerryBuzz 2.1 - Customize your BlackBerry alert system to your hearts desire.
Sale price $2.98 (regularly $5.95)

Empower HTML Email Viewer Pro - View HTML emails on your Blackberry with images, colors, Smilies and more.
Sale price $15.00 (regularly $29.99)

QuickLaunch - You name it, QuickLaunch launches it or let’s you create short cuts to get to it.
Sale price $2.50 (regularly $4.99)

AddOnis - In a nutshell: “The All-In-One Super Utility” for your BlackBerry.
Sale price $4.98 (regularly $9.95)

Mobiscope - Real time video and audio streams on your mobile with motion detection alerts from your webcam.
Sale price $9.98 (regularly $19.95)

Beyond160 - When your carrier limits you to 160 character text messages, this app frees you from their shackles.
Sale price $3.50 (regularly $6.99)

Pocket Informant - The fullest featured Personal Information Manager for the BlackBerry.
Sale price $9.98 (regularly $19.95)

Druglord Wars - Start out in debt then start building your drug empire.
Sale price $2.50 (regularly $4.99)

Real iBerry Blocks - Turn your BlackBerry into an iBerry.
Sale price $3.00 (regularly $6.00)