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Xsights launch popular free app for BlackBerry Bold and Curve


Xsights have launched their BlackBerry Light App which scans printed objects and activates links, much like a barcode. The app works by going to the Xsights homepage, uploading an image such as a greeting card, and attaching a link to it such as a funny YouTube clip. When you print the image, or scan it right off the monitor, you can follow the link from your BlackBerry.

Download Xsights’ BlackBerry Light App for free for your BlackBerry Bold.

Download the BlackBerry Light App for free for the BlackBerry Curve.

Verizon BlackBerry Curve 8530 Review



The BlackBerry Curve 8530 is the latest update to the Curve series. It’s just like the BlackBerry Curve 8520, only with WiFi and GPS, plus a few other minor improvements.

First off, lets talk about the major improvements: 3G and WiFi. While the 8520, the GSM version of the 8530, also has WiFi, this is new for Verizon customers. We have the Storm2 with WiFi but that’s about it when it comes to BlackBerry devices on Verizon with WiFi. We’ve heard rumors that all future BlackBerrys going to Verizon will ship with WiFi, so we’re hoping the 8530 is proof that this is true.

One of the major downsides to the 8520 was that it did not have 3G and instead ran on EDGE. As we have all seen from the countless AT&T ads attacking Verizon, the network isn’t known for having voice and data at the same time, but this isn’t the case with the 8530. Personally, I don’t use this feature often, as my calls don’t last long and most of my business is done over email. It’s also not obvious to me why you would keep your friend on the phone while you navigate the web in search for whatever information you need. In any case, when you connect your device to WiFi, it establishes a new connection to RIM’s NOC, allowing you to make calls and browse the web.
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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 aka Stratus details and video leaked


YouTube link

[Sorry folks - Looks like you'll have to check back another time because we have since taken these pictures down. Don't worry, more will come soon.]

Salomondrin posted more details and video about the BlackBerry Pearl 9100, also known as the Stratus, Striker or Pearl 2 (Pearl2?). There are a few crucial updates to this device that make it something Pearl owners are going to like. It has a trackpad as all the latest devices have been sporting, 3G, media keys on the top, 3.2MP camera with flash, and a more curvy form factor.
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Protect your BlackBerry Storm with DonTouch


DonTouch is Fabian‘s latest app and it protects your BlackBerry Storm or Storm2 from being touched by others. It uses the accelerometer and a car alarm sound to ward off anyone who might want to fidget with your expensive BlackBerry.

DonTouch costs $1.95 until Monday (regularly $2.95).

BerrySki provides maps of your favorite ski resorts in the US and Canada


Are you looking forward to skiing this winter? A new app called BerrySki provides mountain maps for a wide variety of locations in the US and Canada. This app is going to be a huge help when deciding whether to take that double black diamond, or to stick to the singles.

Features include:

  • Offline Usage: Downloading maps directly to your BlackBerry means you do not need an active internet connection to view maps or your location on them.
  • Location: View your location on the resort, pan/zoom around to decide where you might like to go next.
  • Recording of GPS Tracks: Your GPS capable BlackBerry can record the tracks/routes you have taken for viewing and analyzing later.
  • Track Overlay: You can view your recorded routes overlaid on the resort map, showing you how much of the resort you have covered.
  • Track Animation: You can play your tracks in the form of a red dot moving about the map. The red dot moves on your tracks in proportion to your speed as well.
  • Statistics: You can view all tracks recorded in a detailed manner. Provides you with such analysis as the name and order of each lift and run taken, distance travelled, average speed, and maximum speed. Detailed information is also given on each difficulty level trail.
  • Export Track: Recorded tracks can be exported into .gpx format supported by all mapping software.

BerrySki is relatively expensive at $9.99 and runs on OS 4.2+.

By the way, anybody going to the Olympics in Vancouver next year?

Feature roundup for the week of November 22nd


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