Gwabbit now available as two versions in App World

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Gwabbit is now available as 2 separate versions in App World. One, is a free version which employs an awkward marketing tactic of emailing the contact you added and telling them something like “Kyle just added you as a contact with Gwabbit. Download it here.” This type of marketing personally turns me off but Gwabbit have addressed this with Gwabbit Premium.

Gwabbit Premium is just slightly more expensive than the original Gwabbit product at $10.63 (previously $9.99). The premium version is the exact same as the free version, just without the viral marketing aspect. According to Gwabbit, “Gwabbees” can opt out of the alert service, which makes sense because if they won’t buy the first time, they probably won’t buy after consecutive alerts.

Check out Gwabbit in App World.

  • Kyle Kemper
    Interesting app strategy. It's actually 9.99 USD = 10.63 CAD
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