Epic Applications updates Call Blocker Pro and gives discount


Epic Applications have updated Call Blocker Pro, the app that lets you send a caller to voicemail, pick up or hang up on them so they don’t even know they were blocked and can’t bother you with voicemails. Call Blocker Pro has a ton of features including Timer Mode, which allows you to set specific times during which you want your Call Blocker profile running.

Other features include:

  • Pick up and hang up on the caller, or send them to voicemail.
  • Extremely quick blocking and efficient operation through integration with Options screen, along with an icon to show you the current mode (Enabled or Disabled).
  • Comprehensive bulk blocking options-private numbers, unknown numbers, numbers not in your contacts, or even all numbers for privacy.
  • Easily add numbers from your call logs or contact list, or by entering by hand.
  • Block entire area codes (800, 866, etc).
  • Automatically send SMS to callers to let them know you are busy, or any other message you want.
  • Automatically turn on and off at given times.
  • Whitelist to allow for certain callers to always get through.
  • Back up and restore your settings to avoid ever having to re-enter.
  • Fully customizable to fit your needs.

Call Blocker Professional is available for $3.99 until December 31st (regularly $5.99).