First Orion launch PrivacyStar to block telemarketers and report offenders

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First Orion have announced PrivacyStar, a new BlackBerry app that allows users to block calls from telemarketers, automatically report Do Not Call Registry violators to the Federal Trade Commission, reverse lookup unknown calls and more.

Here are some features and a quick breakdown of the app:

  • Simple to Use – After receiving an unwanted call, select the number from the call log to add to the Privacy List and that call will be blocked in the future.
  • Report Potential Telemarketing Violations – Upon the user’s request, PrivacyStar captures detailed information about possible violations including date, time, number and identity. PrivacyStar easily allows users to provide this information to law enforcement authorities so they may take action.
  • Caller Lookup – After receiving a call from a number that is not recognized (not in the contacts list), PrivacyStar Caller Lookup allows a user to identify unknown callers by name and take appropriate action, such as adding to the contacts list or Privacy List.
  • Web Portal – Utilize the fully integrated personal web portal to manage blocked callers (including unblocking), provide additional details on violations and manage their PrivacyStar account.

PrivacyStar is available free for the first 30 days, and costs $2.99 per month afterwards.

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  • iptoolz
    That's good to know that we can all do something about callers by using reverse cell phone lookup.
  • markwitt
    We need our privacy to be protected from telemarketing scams that are out their and that's why I'm glad we have reverse phone lookup to stop these unwanted callers.
  • eddycat67
    When are they going to develope this for iPhone? This sounds like the one app I really need!
  • James
    Actually there is a "wireless" dnc list.
  • JimB
    I wonder if the FTC will really consider these as "complaints." I didn't know that they were taking complaints via third parties. I also wonder how well the reverse look-up works. Seems like the vast majority of the time that I use reverse look-up, I get that the number is private. You might be blocking a call from someone you really do business with simply because the line they call you on isn't listed as a published number in the service provider's database.
  • TracyK
    Telemarketing calls to cell phones are not banned. The FTC allows consumers to add their cell phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry for protection since federal law only prohibits using an auto-dialer to make telemarketing calls to cell phones.
  • TM
    I get lots of calls on my cell that I want stopped - not just telemarketers. And, my cell number is on the DNC registry. Love the identifying callers feature - now I know who is calling.
  • Nancy Williams
    Great Idea and concept!! Anything to help with unwanted calls is a great feature to have - love the ability to identify the caller.
  • DavidB
    I wonder what the FTC would DO with a bunch of these reports since the "Do Not Call Registry" doesn't apply to cell phones? Cell phones were ALREADY supposed to be beanned from telemarketers calls long before the DNCR came along.
  • crackberry user
    I am currently using this app and love it...especially the reverse lookup feature.
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