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I’m not sure if this is new, because I didn’t know until @ASacco pointed it out, but the MyBlackBerry site has some free holiday themed wallpapers that you can install. Some of them are really well done and it’s always nice to have something official. I think it would be good to start including themes rather than wallpapers. RIM has the resources to be able to offer us all free holiday themes.

On that note, what do you guys think of MyBlackBerry?

Check out MyBlackBerry for free holiday wallpapers.

  • Mellisa Bridgett
    That good thing for all holidays lovers.They can have some benefits of having these travel wallpapers on their mobile.I also like it.
  • Brian Hurd
    It would be nice if the web site allowed a complete form fill-in before it decided to try and create an account.

    Doesn't work...
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