Mobile Checkbook version 4.0 helps you manage your finances

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Mobile Checkbook is personal accounting tool that helps you keep track of balances and manage your finances. The app lets you record transactions, reconcile balances, and schedule recurring transactions. Mobile Checkbook transaction lists can be exported to your e-mail inbox with optional XLS and QIF attachments for off-phone data backup. Supports an unlimited number of accounts and multiple currencies, including US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, Indian Rupee and more. The app has gone version 4.0 and they have some new features including:

  • Record account transactions on the go.
  • Mark Transactions as ‘Cleared’ and quickly view your Available Balance vs. Cleared Balance.
  • Schedule Recurring Transactions for any account.
  • E-mail transaction lists to your personal computer for storage off of your phone.
  • Easily ‘Transfer Funds’ between two Mobile Checkbook accounts.
  • View past transactions including date, time, payee, memo and check number.
  • Modify, purge or delete transactions at any time.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of accounts.
  • Enable PIN Code Protection for additional security.
  • Choose from multiple currencies or add new currencies at any time.
  • Export your transaction lists in HTML, Excel(XLS) or Quicken(QIF) format.
  • View your total withdrawal & deposit amounts to compare saving vs spending.

Mobile Checkbook is on sale for $7.99 until December 31st (regular price $12.95)

Mobile Checkbook is also $7.99 in App World.

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