MobileHeist is back with 10 apps on sale for the holidays

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We’re having another MobileHeist today, Thursday, December 17th. Today we have 10 BlackBerry apps on sale for 50% off.

To check out the MobileHeist on your desktop, visit the BlackBerry Cool store.

To participate in the MobileHeist from your BlackBerry, see the on-device store.

SmrtGuard Yearly Service - Secure your BlackBerry smartphone and data with OTA backup/restore and remote tracking and remote data wiping. $22.50
Air Traffic Control - Can you handle the stress of a flight controller? $2.50
Advanced Call Manager - Take control of your incoming calls. ACM enables you to set different actions for the groups you have defined. $12.75
Empower Work Folders - Separate your Work (BES) & Personal (BIS) Emails! Use Folder based alert! View your BES messages in a clutter free mailbox. $9.98
TaskMaster - The next generation of to-do and task management with your BlackBerry. $15.00
e-Mobile Weather - Live weather on the go with detailed weather, forecasts, weather trend and radar images. Supports international cities for your trip abroad. $8.48
IM+ for Skype - Enables text chat with other Skypers and provides cost-effective calling to landlines and mobiles. $14.98
Windows 7 - Windows 7 Mobile Interface for BlackBerry. With real functioning Start Menu for Storm. (Lock Tilt app installed FREE, 2.99 value) $3.00
MeterBerry - Battery, memory, and device info, stats, logging, and notifications. Soft resets. Memory recovery. Event log management. $1.98
VR+: Record your voice, Email and Share in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, by Shape Services
Make your BlackBerry your dictaphone! Voice record, playback and e-mail option for sending the recordings. $14.98

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