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International Trade Commission Investigating Patent Claims Against RIM


Phoenix Wright dude j'accuse-ing

Read Simon’s post about the International Trade Commission stepping in to investigate and see if patent firm Prism Technologies is justified in its complaints against RIM for violating some of their authentication process patents.

Prism Technologies are a relatively unknown firm and it’s very unlikely anything will come of this lawsuit. Even if something does happen, it won’t be of the scale of the NTP case, and RIM is flush with cash at the moment. Analysts aren’t expecting the stock to budge and I doubt any of the executive have lost a minute of sleep over the issue.

Save the Date: Learn to Build BlackBerry Themes During RIM Webinar


RIM is hosting a webinar for those looking to build BlackBerry themes. The webinar will be held January 12th, 2010 at 2PM EST.

Register for the webinar today and learn how to build BlackBerry themes.

The webinar will feature Mark Rathwell, Product Manager, Application Platform, and Dale Ducharme, Team Lead, BlackBerry Theme Studio. Panelists during the webinar include Mike Kirkup, Director, Developer Relations and Jason Laughlin, Manager, BlackBerry App World. This is a great opportunity to learn how to make great themes and distribute them via App World.

Vlingo Unveil Top 10 Voice-Powered Mobile Web Searches of 2009


Vlingo have put out the top 10 voice-powered mobile Web searches and social networks are at the top. The data was collected over the course of 2009, and shows that users want voice-search to take them to destination sites (eg YouTube), rather than specific terms such as “Michael Jackson.”
The Top 10 Mobile Voice Searches for 2009 after the jump

BlackBerry Storm2 Teardown with Nice Pics and Video


The Greek tech blog has taken apart the Storm2 and done a great job of documenting the process. Even if you don’t understand Greek, it’s still great to see the device torn apart. Next, I’d like to see the Storm2 on “Will It Blend?”.
Click through for crisp pics of the aftermath

Lock Your BlackBerry Apps, Files and Documents with AppLock


AppLock allows you to lock down your apps, emails and folders by password protecting them. This app is helpful in that you can prevent accidental or unauthorized reading of private emails, SMS and viewing of files, without having to lock the whole device.

Features include:

  • Lock any number of applications you want.
  • Lock native as well as 3rd Party applications.
  • Lock whole messages app or emails from specific persons only.
  • Protect selected media folders on your SD Card.
  • Intelligent Operation - Auto Lock on backlight off and phone lock.

AppLock is currently on sale until December 31st for $1.99 (regularly $2.99).

Track and Record SMS Messages with SMS Statistics for BlackBerry


I found an app in the BBCool Store called SMS Statistics, that can record all your incoming/outgoing SMS messages on your BlackBerry, and give you reports, stats and custom alerts. Custom alerts are helpful for those with tight SMS plans, as you can get alerts when outgoing and incoming message tolerances are reached. Hopefully this is helpful to some users out there.

More information on the SMS Statistics page in the BlackBerry Cool store.