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The Success of BlackBerry in Indonesia


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Indonesia is a new and potentially huge market for RIM. With a population of 238 million, the potential for BlackBerry subscribers is enormous. Companies such as InMobi have tracked the success of RIM in Indonesia and mainstream media have covered the challenges RIM faces expanding into this region.
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GSM Algorithm Cracked Leaving Voice Calls Unsecure



When we last spoke with Cellcrypt, they told us about a group of white hat hackers in Germany who were attempting to crack the GSM codebook. The group is led by Karsten Nohl, and yesterday news broke that his team have cracked the GSM algorithm, technically known as the A5/1 privacy algorithm. The algorithm is used to tell your voice call to hop frequencies, thus encrypting your call. Each mobile device is given a key, which decodes the hopping algorithm so you can listen to a call.
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FP Tech Desk Interviews Mike Lazaridis About Tablets, Apps and RIM



The Financial Post have an interesting interview with co-CEO of RIM Mike Lazaridis about the history of RIM, his thoughts on tablets, apps and the future of the industry with respect to infrastructure.

Here are some of my favorite questions:

Financial Post: For a while there, there was a trend towards smaller devices, the smaller the better. Now there’s a lot of talk about larger screen sizes and how big of a screen can a smart phone support. Now the big question is who is going to wade into tablet territory, not quite the size of a PC or a laptop, not quite the size of a smart phone. What trends are you seeing on the horizon?
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20 Free Copies of BlackZone BlackBerry Themes



The BlackZone series from Temas features a single theme in 5 different colors: red, blue, green, purple and orange. The theme’s homepage is very well laid out and the icons are definitely legible. With 6 icons in words, and 6 configurable icons, I would give this theme a 7 out of 10.

See for yourself! Temas were kind enough to give away 20 free copies, first come first serve. Just use the coupon code “COLOURCOOL” and get yours today.

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A Look At RIM’s Accomplishments in 2009



Mike Kirkup over at the Developer’s Blog has a great post up recounting RIM’s accomplishments for 2009 with respect to BlackBerry developers. It’s a great list that includes all the major highlights such as the Developer’s Blog technical webcast, App World, the Developer Conference, the Developer Zone, their YouTube channel, as well as the most recent developments with OS 5.
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Engadget Celebrates 10 Years of BlackBerry



Engadget’s Chris Ziegler has a great article recounting the past 10 years of BlackBerry. The article is sort of a history of RIM, but also gives you a good idea of the environment that RIM was working in and the climate of competition. The article takes you through RIM’s history almost like reading a biography, with the formative years being the pager series, right up to adult-hood, which is our modern day BlackBerry. This is definitely a worthwhile read for any BlackBerry enthusiast.

Read: Ten Years of BlackBerry by Chris Ziegler.

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