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Unlimited Premium BlackBerry Themes for $10 for Today Only



I know it’s a little late in the day to be posting this but I hope at least some readers can take advantage of this. Enterprise Mobile Solutions are offering unlimited premium BlackBerry theme downloads for all models for one whole year for the low price of $10. Originally priced at $99, this sale represents a 90% discount!

The sale is only for today so be sure to check it out. More details available at the BlackBerry Cool store.

Is RIM in Need of More Redundancy to Prevent Outages?



The recent BlackBerry outages have highlighted a sort of conflict of interest at RIM. On the one hand, RIM’s core customer base and competitive advantage, come from being the most secure smartphone on the market, and thus the business standard. On the other hand, RIM’s net new subscriber base is consistently coming from non-enterprise users, who care less about security, and more about apps and their smartphone lifestyle.

One of the underlying causes of BlackBerry outages, aside from carrier-side problems, is the architecture back at Waterloo. BlackBerry service for consumers is routed through RIM’s Network Operations Center (NOC), which gives RIM more control over encryption and security, versus a distributed solution. While a centralized network provides more security, it means catastrophic failures if you lose the NOC.

So should RIM be investing in more redundancies and a distributed network solution, or stick to the NOC architecture that made it so successful in the first place? Carmi Levy, a Canadian-based independent technology analyst and journalist has published his thoughts for Beta News.

Your thoughts?

More pics of the BlackBerry Tour2 9650 emerge



BGR has posted some pics of the upcoming BlackBerry Tour2 9650 from Verizon. There are a few improvements on this device over its predecessor including WiFi, a trackpad, a faster processor (possibly the one used in the Storm2) and it seems the side buttons are rubberized.

Personally, I’m wondering if the Tour2 9650 will support OpenGL. We know that CDMA devices with the appropriate hardware requirements will support OpenGL, so perhaps this device falls in that category.

My favorite pics comparing the original Tour and the Tour2 after the jump

Leaked: BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 OS



BBleaks have found the latest OS for the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 and it’s available for download right now. I would hurry over and grab this because they tend to get yanked fairly quickly. If it does go down, help others find it by commenting a mirror link. Remember, this isn’t official so backup and don’t blame us for something going wrong. Thanks!

Download OS for the BlackBerry Storm 2 9520.

Contest Reminder: Super QWERTY giveaway with 30 free copies



Super QWERTY gives the user the ability to create one key shortcuts for all apps on your BlackBerry. The app itself launches with a shortcut key and you can create up to 80 additional shortcuts to make your BlackBerry even more efficient. This app features a friendly UI, free lifetime upgrades and support for the latest devices such as the Bold 9700.

Leave a comment here or in the original contest post, and you can win a free copy of Super QWERTY. The app is also available for $3.99 in the BlackBerry Cool store.

Giveaway: Maritime Master game for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2



Cleric Software have made some cool apps such as Frazzle (Yahtzee) and a Texas Hold’em Poker Odds Calculator.

Their latest game is Maritime Master, which is just like Air Traffic Control, except you pilot boats and dock them safely. Once the boat has been docked and has offloaded its cargo, draw the boat’s path off the screen and don’t let it crash into another boat. The game includes 3 different types of boats as well as 5 different boards.

The good people at Cleric Software are offering 30 free copies of this app as well. Comment with a valid email address and we’ll select 30 random entries to get a free copy.

Maritime Master is available for $3.99.