Slacker 3.0 Video Hands On


Slacker Radio sat us down at CES to show us their new Slacker Radio 3.0 for BlackBerry. They’ve showed up with a new, clean interface. One of the most compelling updates, though, is the ability to wirelessly cache your stations. With Slacker 3.0 and wireless caching enabled, your device will search first for wifi, then 3G if wifi isn’t available, late at night. It will also confirm that you have your phone plugged in, so your phone doesn’t cache the stations and you wake up with a dead battery. Once the cache is done, you wake up to fresh coffee and a some steaming goodness of new music. Check out the video for more details. You can expect Slacker 3.0 very soon.

  • Evilous Digeneral

    sat aug 20 ina did cue lounge bronx ny  come out stars this one is going to be crazzy

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