New BlackBerry Spotted: the BlackBerry Curve 8910


The guys at Unwired View caught the Bluetooth SIG certification for the BlackBerry 8910 and Ronen at BerryReview managed to score a pic of the device. While there are few details circulating about the BlackBerry Curve 8910, we can only guess that it will be a minor update to the 8900 series for foreign markets. It could be the CDMA version and all we really know for sure is that it has the standard trackpad, something I would have loved on my 8900. We’ll start seeing more details emerge soon.

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  1. 1 Ebscer

    I’m not sure that the 8900 Curve series makes too much sense going forward in North America. With the 9600 series and 9700 series on the upper end, and the 8500 series on the lower end, there is no obvious market for the 8900.

    Still good to see that the trackball and below 5.0 OS’s are being phased out

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