How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS Software 2010 Version



Since Simon first published How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS, there have been a ton of updates and questions from BlackBerry Cool readers, so I thought it would be good to republish with new tips and put everything on a single page.

What you’ll need

  • Desktop Manager (free 200-300 MB download)
  • Handheld software (free 100+ MB download)
  • Time (about two hours, counting download, device backup, and installation)

Do I need to upgrade?

The quick answer? Yes. OS upgrades come with performance enhancements and sometimes new features that will make your BlackBerry experience much smoother. While we can’t recommend grabbing unofficial software, as it could bork your device, it’s worth becoming familiar with the process and trying it out for yourself. It’s a fun process that makes getting to know your BlackBerry more fun.

Before you upgrade, make sure you have the latest software. To do this, go to Options > About and the details of your device will be displayed. Take note of the device model number and the software version. Later in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to go about finding the latest OS, and comparing it to see if you’re eligible for an upgrade. But first, lets get what you need to start the process.

1. Download Desktop Manager

Desktop Manager is the software that lets your BlackBerry talk with your PC or Mac. As of writing this, the Mac version is still in its early development, and isn’t as smooth as the PC version for upgrading BlackBerry software.

Desktop Manager 5.0.1 for PC – Without Media Manager

File size: 73.96 MB
Date posted: 23-Nov-09

Desktop Manager 5.0.1 for PC – With Media Manager

File size: 204.71 MB
Date posted: 23-Nov-09

BlackBerry Desktop Software (Mac OS)

File size: 26.730 MB
Date posted: 12-Aug-09

Make sure to delete the vendor.xml file so that your software is carrier agnostic and you aren’t tied to any specific official updates. We can assume that if it’s good enough for one carrier, it’s good enough for all. You can find the vendor.xml file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader.

2. Download handheld software

The only thing to really keep in mind when downloading the software proper for your device is that it needs to be for your model. As stated above, be sure to check Options>About in order to check your device model number. The source doesn’t matter so much, just make sure to delete the vendor.xml file. Below, you’ll find some of the latest software as of January 12th, 2010.

Latest Official BlackBerry OS 5 Updates

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8530 from Sprint.
Download OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 from MTS Mobility.
Download OS for the Storm 9500 by A1.
Download the Official for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 from Bell.
Download the Official OS for the BlackBerry Storm2 9520 by TIM Italy.
Download the Official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from Optus Mobile.

Here is a list of carriers who can provide the latest software. If you only want to download from your service provider, be sure to check in at these links.

BlackBerry Software for Asia Pacific

BlackBerry Software for Europe

North America

BlackBerry Software for South America

3. Install handset software

Now that you’ve installed the Desktop Manager and Handheld software, you’re good to go. If you’re a Mac user, you can use the device update feature in the software, but you aren’t going to be able to roam between carriers and get the latest software. As of writing this, it’s still better to be on a PC, or use a virtual Windows service like BootCamp. Double click on the .exe Handheld Software file and install it to your PC.

Plug in your BlackBerry via USB, launch the desktop software and Desktop Manager should detect that your device is able to be upgraded. Just follow the wizard that pops up, and the Desktop Manager will back up all of your contacts and emails, wipe your device, install the new operating system, and restore your data from backup. Keep in mind this process will reset many of your applications, so you might have to put in activation keys and the like back in once everything’s done.

Be warned, however, that not all developers are as quick to patch up their software as you are to upgrade yours. Any third-party apps that you had installed might not be designed for the new operating system, so you may need to pick up a newer copy if it’s available. By the same token, a new operating system could also open up some software designed to take advantage of the new features or layout.

Been having any problems with your install? Leave a comment here, and we’ll do our best to fix the issue. Also, we’ll be updating the guide as new operating systems come out, complete with the freshest download sites.

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  • Vasim09


  • SecretID

    %USERNAME% refers to your user name… the one you use to log on into windows. I performed a search using %USERNAME% and (of course) i didnt find the folder. Now try changing it for your USER NAME and (just like i did) you'll find it and be able to delete it. I just upgraded my os following marv's advice. Cheers!

  • Smokey_stevens

    thanks dude

  • Anthony

    I'm having a little inconvenient with upgrading my software on to my Javelin! The software update process has started fine until the point when it gets to the step 'back-up third party applications'. At this point my phone has stopped displaying the computer to phone image on black bckgrd and is open to do pretty much anything. Its staying like this forever and I don't know what to do? My question is what am I supposed to do once it gets to this step! I don't wanna disconnect it unless i know its safe to do so :( can someone help me out!

  • joice

    i install BB desktop manager to my laptop version 5.0…what should next can do to update my device BB8900 with version 5.0?please anyone help…here my pin # 26284288.. joice

  • John

    My device seems to have “hung” during the update process. It's been over 2 hours now and it says not to disconnect. Any suggestions?

  • dh4

    I have a BB Curve 8900 as well and the upgrade worked for me.

    1. Download the OS from this URL:
    2. Install it.
    3. Delete the vendor file:
    C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoaderVendor.xml
    3. Paste this into the “Start -> Run” box in WIndows XP:
    “C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoaderLoader.exe” /nojvm
    (the /nojvm is the key)
    4. Proceed through the wizard to update your Blackberry OS.

  • dh4

    Okay, THAT worked. running:

    “C:Program FilesCommon FilesResearch In MotionAppLoaderLoader.exe” /nojvm

    did the trick.

  • Eabake

    Mine has done the same thing! Any resolution?

  • Rick

    I have an 8350i and according to the BB website it qualifies for the upgrade, however when i connect to the new desktop software and have it look, it says no software update is available

  • Ali Zain

    thanks bor youre a life saver. i successfully updated my curve 8900 in pakistan. :)

  • mfaheems

    Hi Ali , i m Faheem from Lahore
    i wana know about 8900 Version 5 handheld Software , is ur cell active for all networks in Pakistan ???

    im using Warid

  • CjKun

    Man… you are… you have just saved my life…
    We bought this BB for the company since we are developing a BB widget without knowing that the device needed to have the OS 5 installed.
    So we tried to upgrade it to no avail. With this, you just made this purchase not a waste.

    Thanks a lot… Works so well…

  • Samisfuture

    I was not able to complete Update to v 5.0.In order to complete update to version 5.0 you have to have data plane. Is there any other way to get arounnd it using Desktop Manager?

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  • Shockingsophie

    Two of my friends also have Blackberry Curve 8520s, and were telling me all about the new software.
    So, I downloaded the Desktop software, plugged in my device and click “Check for updates..”. However, every time I do this it always comes up with “There are no new available software” despite me only having software v. Now, I have downloaded the actual Device software countless times to my PC, but it still says no new software.
    I’m just getting fed up with this! Any help?

  • Sam

    why wont my desktop manager detect the v5.0 update for my blackberry curve 8520? its really annoying, ive done everyhting a multiple number of websites have said and nothing!!!!!!!! ive even checked if my provider is up to date and if they do it, and yes my phone is supposed to have according to them!!!!!!!! ):

  • Denisreal_og

    my bb 8900 is not upgrading to 5.0

  • Gauruv Grover

    i am a resident of india and i am not able to update my blackberry 8520 to v5.
    the desktop manager doesn’t show any available updates for my device
    please help

  • Pinoydude21

    how do i get into the DOS prompt? sorry not techie here

  • A Khan

    is it all the same for a mac… i mean can i download the device software from links above and open in same way as stated below

    Delete the Vendor.xml file located at c:program filescommon filesresearch in motionapploader

    Run Loader.exe from that directory.

  • Keysrurs

    Yeah dude it upgraded easily within 1 hour..Any how thanks

  • Georggybest

    Pls i have a BBcurve 8520 and i want to update to 5.0. pls how did u do urs?

  • Georggybest

    Pls i have a BBcurve 8520 and i want to update to 5.0. pls how did u do urs?

  • Georggybest

    Please, i have a BB curve 8520. i need a 5.0 update but i can’t seem to be able to get it. Ned help urgently. thanks

  • Widigent

    simply I just follow the steps given above..

  • Imranzeyard

    do you need blackberry service to upgrade, everytime i try to upgrade it tells me to get a blackberry service, any suggestions?
    much appreciated

  • Z707

    hi i use mac osx and even though by using crossover and installing the new blackbery os on my laptop, when i launch my blackberry desktop manager it does not find any updates for my blackberry bold 9700 even thought there is one installed on my laptop(which i cannot find either).
    Someone please help out ASAP!! thanks

  • Dianisv

    Hello I have tried many times to upgrade the bb software. I have version and every time I download something it doesnt work. If i try to upgrade with the device with wireless doesnt work. I have a mac and i downloaded the desktop manager but nothing happens.
    I bought the mobile unlocked and now i am using vodafone netherlands, but before i was in another country using it with another company and tried to upgrade and didnt let me.
    Whan can i do?
    please it would be great if someone helps.
    thank you!

  • Shailu

    Updatin now

  • Shailu

    Thanx a lot bro, was afraid but it worrked smooth. thanx a lot bro. “stealth OS rules”

    Damn Happy

  • Dinesh

    Hi i have similliar problem in my bold 9000 (orange) while i am upgrading with v5.0.0.681
    i m frm India. while i am browsing .alx file in loader it is showing error “Application is not compatible with your device”. Any help…

  • Anonymous

    THIS worked! Took a bit of pulls and plugs, but it worked! :-D Thanks!

  • Aj

    Do exactly as stated by dh4. It works very well. THANKS a lot dh4.

  • Amaravi87

    when the deskop manager detects the device software and its ready to run , it say that an error has occur…..what should i do???? please help

  • TG

    I have a blackberry bold 9000. Every time I try to upgrade to 5.0v, it says I do not have enough memory. I try archiving my applications, and it says I still don’t have enough memory. I have a 3 gig memory card for all my media. Please Help!

  • Jann

    first of all i would say you the MAN……… i am Amjan and i’m using storm 9500, many time i try to update BB to latest OS but fail until yesterday i found this site and my BB now is different from the day before. Here i would like to share my PIN 210891FD maybe there anyone want to be a friend. To admin thank for information……. May God Bless You

  • Jepsagum

    I actually am experiencing the same dilemma. I followed all the instructions: deleted vendor.xml file in the program files, installed version 5 desktop device manager and handheld software but I still couldn’t download the version 5 software for my handheld. Help please..

  • Grizzles152001

    omg your brilliant!!! i’ve been working on my update for four days.. each forum gave me part of your advice but not about the update from bottom up.

    Brill, you’re a star

  • Pkaps11

    i tried the above steps but the desktop manager does not detect the new OS for my BB 8900.i even deleted the vendor.xml file but still i m not able to install the version 5 OS on my BB.i dont have service plan on my there any other way to install the OS.please let me know.thank you.

  • Wildthing_eh

    worked like a charm.. thanks dude!!

  • Megatrade

    …could anyone can tell me how this stuff work???
    …im tired doing the steps, again and again, still it does not working…
    …can anyone show some video of this steps,for me to fully understand and i can easily get the process… please help me…

  • jacqueline.

    how do i find ” Delete the Vendor.xml file located at c:program filescommon filesresearch in motionapploader

    Run Loader.exe from that directory. ” as im on windows 7 and i really cant find it :/

  • Srikant_2006

    Hi to all

    I have BB curve 8890. i have updated from to After update i can’t see my word, excel and power point applications. i also can’t join my home WiFi router, it says reason: Failed to associate with the network. before update it worked.

    Before update:

    Blackberry 8900
    v (Platform
    Cryptographic kernel v
    Brand version:

    After Update:

    Blackberry 8900
    v (Bundle 1168, Platform
    Cryptographic kernel v
    Brand version:

  • rini

    Yeah I did all that is ask but its still telling me I need to be a blackberry carrier in order to upgrade. -___- its funny cause I am a blackberry carrier through t-mobile.

  • Joemjoseph

    Thanks! It works!

  • esteban407

    Works like a charm thanks alot man.

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    thank you! I’ve been looking for days on end for this advice.