T-Mobile Waiving International Long Distance and Roaming Fees for Haiti



T-Mobile has made a very admirable move by announcing they are waiving international long distance fees for all calls to and from Haiti. “Our company and our employees care deeply for our customers, and we know that many customers have been directly impacted by the disaster in Haiti,” said Robert Dotson, president and CEO, T-Mobile USA. “While our thoughts go out to those in Haiti who are suffering so greatly at this time, our promise is to help people connect with those who matter most. I can think of no better time to demonstrate this commitment.”

The offer will last through January 31st, and is retroactive as of January 12th. Additionally, customers who may already be in Haiti will be able to roam on T-Mobile’s partner networks in Haiti (operated locally in Haiti under the names Voila and Digicel) free-of-charge through the end of the month. In both cases, T-Mobile will remove these charges from customer bills accordingly.

To date, over 7 million dollars has been raised for victims of the quake in Haiti, purely from mobile. It’s very heart warming to see the outpouring of charity during these tough times and T-Mobile’s initiative is very welcomed. Check out this press release from GRC for more info about how you can donate money for relief efforts.

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  • Sharon Scott

    That was very thoughtful of T-Mobile. They helped the victims of Haiti, i was also shocked on what happened there. My sister worked there as a voluntary nurse. I was panicked to hear that and immediately called her. And into my relief, she was safe.

    Sharon Scott,
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