Mblware Apps Now on Sale for the Rest of January

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Mblware, the guys behind BlackBook, mblVault, facerate and ShakeItUp, are discounting all of their software 30-40% off for the month of January.

Here are some of the deals:

BlackBook ($2.99) – Hide contacts, calls, and messages on your phone.
mblVault ($2.99) - Encrypt, Hide, and Secure sensitive files, pics, videos, etc.
ContactOrder ($1.99) – Re-Sort your contacts in any order you like.
ShakeItUp ($2.49) - Shake your Storm to run email, sms, music, and more. Skip songs by shaking too.
faceRate ($1.99) - Take a pic, and find out how scientifically beautiful you are.
mblStats ($1.99) - An all in one stats tracker.

Be sure to check out all of mblware’s apps in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

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