YouMail Connects Visual Voicemail with Facebook

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YouMail is a cool service that gives you free visual voicemail for your BlackBerry, depending on what carrier you’re with. Recently, they’ve created some tie-ins with Facebook, allowing you to see your friends’ pictures when they leave you a voicemail. You can also share and post your voicemails to your Facebook wall. Personally, I haven’t tried the service as it’s not available in Canada on Rogers, so I’m jealous that Ronen at BerryReview gets to use the service.

To enable this feature, click the MySocialNetworks link in your YouMail account and it will connect you to Facebook. The Facebook feature is only available from the web, so don’t expect it to be available in the BlackBerry client. The company will also be extending its Twitter functionality soon so you can share your voicemails on Twitter.

  • rogue
    Why - on earth - would you want your voice mails to be posted to Facebook?

    What kind of nitwit does this?

    "Oooh - lookie - my lover left me this sexy voice mail and I wanted to share how lucky I am with the WORLD! I am totally going to get some later! OMG you guys, aren't you sooooo jealous??!!!"

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