Trapster Updated with Virtual Radar and Custom Notifications


Trapster have updated their app to version 3.6 and while I haven’t used the app in a long time, it was fun rediscovering some of its features like their custom sounds. A popular trend in navigation tools, you can switch up the audio warning for Schwarzenegger, George Bush or an Old Hillbilly.

Some new features you will find in version 3.6 include:

  • Dynamic alert area narrows and elongates based on your velocity and direction of travel.
  • Customizable alert filters allow you to specify what types of traps you will be alerted to, and how you’re alerted.
  • Custom sound themes for spoken alerts, in lots of fun voices, plus French, German, and Spanish language.
  • Real time traffic information for many areas.
  • All new native BlackBerry UI, no more DOS looking menus.
  • Improved signup process.
  • Ability to search for your location manually on BlackBerrys with no GPS or blocked GPS.

Trapster 3.6 also includes a Virtual Radar. A blue blip emanates from your GPS location and follows you in real time. As you approach reported trap locations and one or more of the traps come within that alert area, Trapster begins playing spoken alerts such as “Live Police” or “Red Light Camera”, and animating the associated icons.

Safe driving folks!

Download Trapster free in our store or in App World.