Balsillie Helps Fund Canadian Tour de France Team

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Old pic from a fundraiser. Balsillie (right) and Shane Pegg, sales manager at RIM (left).

Jim Balsillie seems to have moved on from hockey for the time being and has his sights set on the Tour de France. After an email from Lance Armstrong, Jim was introduced to Steve Bauer, a retired professional cyclist who won 14 yellow jerseys in the Tour de France in the 1990s. Bauer has been trying to create a Canadian Tour de France team for a long time now but with a lack of funding it wasn’t happening. Balsillie has stepped in and today Bauer will unveil his new team at a Toronto press conference.

  • chickeee
    why not ?
  • michael harris
    This is awesome news. Steve Bauer has been doing a great job with the Planet Energy team with limited resources so stepping up to the big leagues withe the right support is where he should be!!

    Congratulations and Good Luck!
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