InstantLog Updated with IMAP Mail Server Support

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Twinkler Software let us know that they have rewritten InstantLog with increased reliability and new features. They’re also offering 20% until the end of the month.

InstantLog runs in the background and lets you choose to log incoming email and/or SMS messages to your native calendar and/or backup to IMAP email accounts (GMail optimized). InstantLog can also record all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls to the calendar and/or IMAP account. There is also a Firewall feature that allows the user to define email and SMS messages that will not be logged for privacy purposes. In the latest version (1.6), InstantLog features:

  • Support of any IMAP Mail Server. (Optimal configuration is achieved using Gmail Account).
  • Support Gmail’s chat style messages.
  • UTF-8 encoding, multi-language support.
  • User Configurable Transfer Indicator when uploading message to IMAP Server.

Check out InstantLog in the BBCool Store for more information.

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