Video of the BlackBerry Magnum Shows SurePress Tech

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The BlackBerry Magnum is the a hybrid touchscreen and QWERTY device that is encased in a Bold 9000 form factor. Cellguru has an engineering version on hand and after having previously posted pics, he now has some video up. The device doesn’t have an OS loaded on it because it’s clearly very early in the engineering phase. Everyone I’ve spoken to says this device isn’t going to make it to market, which is a shame because I love the form factor and I would definitely buy this device. What do you think?

  • @Crystal - Yep, I think that's in the works. Lots of rumors about it. *fingers crossed*
  • RBT
    I would love to see this come to market I'm a bold 9000 user and love my bold 9000 and have been having thoughts over my upgrade when it comes around as my dilemma next phone wise is to either go for a touchscreen blackberry or go for the next of the bold's offspring at that time so the magnum would solve the dilemma!!
  • Crystal
    They got this all wrong. They need to make a device with a full size screen (like the Storm) and have the QWERTY keyboard slide out from beneath. That would rock!
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