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Best Selling BlackBerry Games on Sale for Half Off



This month’s MobileHeist is all about BlackBerry games. Today through Saturday (Jan 29th to Jan 30th), the best selling BlackBerry games are on sale for 50% off.

You can participate in the MobileHeist from your BlackBerry and your desktop.

Here’s the list of games on sale:

Aces Traffic Pack – retail price $4.99
Addictive Tower Defense – retail price $4.99
Air Traffic Control – retail price $4.99
Bubble Defense – retail price $4.99
Druglord Wars – retail price $4.99
Fierce Towers – retail price $4.99
Labyrinth – retail price $4.99
Memory Checker – retail price $6.99
Solitaire Buddy Gold – retail price $6.95
SwooshSudoku – retail price $4.99
Wrath – retail price $4.99
Aces Texas Hold’em – retail price $4.99

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What Would You Think of a BlackBerry Tablet?



I’ve been watching the coverage of the iPad launch and I haven’t seen anything more than a large iPod Touch. It’s sort of cool to be able to use iPod Touch apps on a larger screen, and it will surely make the movie watching experience better, but there was far too much hype over this device.

While Mike Lazaridis doesn’t seem too elated about the idea of a tablet, and would probably not let RIM go down that path, it still could happen. With enough pressure from marketing, and if Apple make a fortune on the tablet, the financial incentive could be enough. I think the BlackBerry OS would be more conducive to a tablet because it comes with push notifications and multitasking, but there are a few things that need to happen at RIM first, before a tablet could really be successful.
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Super QWERTY Contest Winners – 60 Readers Get a Free App


When we first ran the Super QWERTY contest, we announced 30 readers would win a free copy of the app. We had such a great response from the contest that the number of winners have been doubled!

Super QWERTY is the ultimate BlackBerry shotcut app that features single shortcut key access to all your apps. Just launch the app with “q” from the main screen and follow up with the next corresponding key for whatever app you would like to launch. In the latest version, Super QWERTY 1.2.0, MMMOOO have improved the app with:

  • Add bookmark function. e.g. Add to Super QWERTY list.
  • Improve the layout, totally fit with your custom theme now.
  • Add wifi toggle.
  • Add bluetooth toggle.
  • Add upgrade function, you can update directly since this version.
  • Update register method, support all network settings.
  • Trial version now extend to 7 days.

Click through for a list of winners of the Super QWERTY contest

TaskMailer for BlackBerry Makes Calendar Events from Emails


TaskMailer is a new app from S4BB that allows you to send tasks by email with an ICAL or VCAL task file attachment to any contact in your address book. Since version 2.0 it is now also possible to import such tasks into your BlackBerry task database right out of your BlackBerry Messages. While a $9.99 price tag is a little rich for my liking, the app has been discounted to $4.99 until February 19th which is a little more in my range.

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New BlackBerry Dice Game 10,000 Farkle


10,000 Farkle from Eric on Vimeo.

The developer behind some really cool BlackBerry apps including Hockey Scores and Pixelated, has recently launched a new game called 10,000 Farkle. Farkle is a popular dice game that has also been called Zonk, Zilch, 5000, 10000, Wimp Out etc. and it’s simple and fun meaning it ports really well to BlackBerry.

Points are awarded for various dice combinations and the game has 4 diferent modes:

  • 10 Turns
  • 10,000 points
  • Local player vs player
  • Versus cpu

10,000 Farkle is available for the BlackBerry Storm, Tour, Bold, and all versions of the Curve with at least OS 4.6. The full list of supported devices are the 8350i, 8520, 8530, 8900, 9000, 9500, 9520, 9530, 9550, 9630, and 9700.

10,000 Farkle is available in BlackBerry App World for $3.99.

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Trapster Updated with Virtual Radar and Custom Notifications


Trapster have updated their app to version 3.6 and while I haven’t used the app in a long time, it was fun rediscovering some of its features like their custom sounds. A popular trend in navigation tools, you can switch up the audio warning for Schwarzenegger, George Bush or an Old Hillbilly.
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