SmrtGuard Now Available for Free as SmrtGuard-Free

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SmrtGuard have rolled out a free version of their awesome BlackBerry protection tool called SmrtGuard-Free. The app lets you find your BlackBerry with GPS, remotely wipe data, remotely listen (forward your BlackBerry number in case it was left at home), track loved-ones, protect your SIM card and more. You also get secure data backup and migration features free for 30 days.

Check out SmrtGuard-Free today.

  • Odor Zap
    I just did a little more checking and its time for me to eat my foot (perhaps both).

    It seems that there are a number of features that are free for life... This is a great move SmrtGuard and I will be installing the free one and likely paying for the full one soon.

    I regret making my last post.
  • Odor Zap
    Free for 30 days is not "free". Where I come from they call that a trial or possibly even free trial.

    The main app has a good rep so you can assume it does what it says and pay if you need those features. I've been thinking about this one for a while and will possibly still buy the full version but as it is now I've decided to wait a little longer and research competitors.

    If this were a partially feature-locked version of the full version I'd already have it installed but as it is I find the product name deceptive and I feel they were trying to trick me into installing it when everyone knows that the value of something like this is not likely to be realized in 30 days.

    There's nothing free about this application. Call it SmrtGuard-Trial to regain my respect or at leave some features operational after 30 days. Fail
  • crackatooth
    this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SWEET. Along with viigo, this is a MUST HAVE!!!!! And now i GOT!
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