Interview with Tristan Interactive’s CEO Chris McLaren at Untether.TV


In the latest interview by Rob Woodbridge of, we get a look at a new company called Tristan Interactive. Tristan’s CEO Chris McLaren talks about his past and what led to the creation of this startup.

Tristan Interactive is an interesting company that is partnering with museums and galleries to build custom tour environments that go far beyond the typical self-guided tours. These tours are powered by a platform they call Autour. According to Tristan:

Autour is a platform for creating interactive museum guides for mobile devices, including iPhone, iPod, and Blackberry. Autour provides museums a complete technology solution to create, manage, and deploy multimedia content on over 40 types of mobile devices (and growing.)

The autour platform offers the most on-device features, the lowest operating costs, and fastest time to market of any interactive multimedia solution - significantly superior to both traditional rental devices and in-house software solutions.

In this interview, Rob and Chris talk about the Tristan, the challenges of creating apps for multiple platforms, and the history of carrier billing. Definitely worth watching.

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