Iconify Updated to Version 1.0.3



Matthias, developer of Filescout wrote in to say Iconify has been updated to version 1.0.3. This is a helpful app that lets you create icons on your homepage for links, dialing and mail.

There are two versions of Iconify, one for 15 links and another for 50.

More information on the 15 link version of Iconify.
More information on the 50 link version of Iconify.

2010/02/15 - Iconify 1.0.3 Change Log

  • Small performance improvements when a IconifyLauncher will be initialized
  • Thumbnail display can make use of the BlackBerry device generated thumbnails that are stored in the ‘BBThumbs.dat’ files (when available). This implies the following restrictions:
    1. Device generated thumbnails might not support AlphaLayers (transparency issues)
    2. Thumbnail might not match orientation of the original image
    3. Not supported for devices running OS5.x
  • Updating the OS (or changing the device) is quite a common task for some BlackBerry® users:
  • Unfortunately this implies that the UniqueID of each AddressBook record can (but don’t have to) change. As a consequence the Iconify Dial- or Mail-Links can stop working after a OS update or device change. The new build of Iconify will solve this problem by auto re-aligning your contacts with the Iconify Mail- or Dial-Links after a system restore. Additionally Iconify is offering in the ‘Edit-Iconify Links’ section a new function that allows you to re-link an Iconify Mail- or Dial-Link that could not be aligned automatically. Please note that after a system restore an additional device reboot or launch of the Iconify options is required in order to trigger the automated re-aligning process.
  • New Option to select if Iconify-WebLinks should be installed via the default BrwoserSession (like it’s done in previous Iconify versions) or via the registered Device Content Handler (new in this build). If you haven’t had issues installing Web-Link launchers with the previous builds you might like to turn this option OFF again.
  • New Option to enable/disable the ‘Online Cost’ Warning popup.
  • Create combined Mail & Dial-Links (one Icon for both)
    1. Create a Dial-IconifyLink and install the LinkLaucher Application
      Create a Mail-IconifyLink and once you have select the recipient address (or ‘select each time’) you will be asked if you want to combine the Mail-Link with the existing Dial-Link.
  • Of course you can also create first the Mail-Link and then the Dial-Link - that should be no difference. Mail-Links support now any Contact PhoneNumber (to be used for SMS-Messages)
  • Instructions can be turned ON/OFF in the ‘General Iconify Options’
  • Added a default Iconify-Application on the Homescreen (will open the Options)

What’s fixed?

  • ‘Dial or Mail’ Dialog can be canceled with the ‘ESC’ key
  • Fix for creating WebLinks on some devices (like 8900)
  • No additional bug’s where reported so far… I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
  • Scroll behavior in the ‘Edit IconifyLinks’ improved.
  • Fix for installation failures of the Link-Launchers

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