Iconify Updated to Version 1.0.4 with Changelog


Emacberry have updated Iconify to version 1.0.4 and sent along a change log. Iconify lets you create icons on your homepage for links, dialing and mail. It’s a simple app that has a lot of utility if you interact with one contact or site a lot.

There are two versions of Iconify, one for 15 links and another for 50.

More information on the 15 link version of Iconify.
More information on the 50 link version of Iconify.

Iconify 1.0.4 - What’s new?

  • New Option ‘Autorefresh IconifyLink every 30min, 1h, 2h, 6h, 12h, 24h or OFF’
  • Can be used if you encounter frequently the lost of the IconifyLink icons and/or texts (e.g. when you deinsall an application via the options or changing the active theme). The default setting is 2hours. If you haven’t any issues in the past (like myself on my Storm2 running OS5.0.0.436) then you can turn this function OFF.
  • Icon sizes tweaked to match better the default device icon size [e.g. on Bold, Bold2 & Tour]
  • Iconify now also available as ALX to be installed offline via RIM’s DesktopManager

What’s fixed?

  • Some workarounds to try to force the update of IconifyLinks that are located in the first row of your Homescreen when the device is rebooted.
  • IconifyLinks that are visible on the default HomeScreen (no #Menu button have to be pressed) might not show the assigned IconifyLink Icon because of issues in the OS (or theme) itself. This build improves the situation but still might not work in all situations.
  • Fix for possible startup NullPointerException (reboot)

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