Office Hot Shot Turns Your Locked Screen Into a Fun Game


Office Hot Shot is a new app from Nickel Buddy that turns your locked screen into a game. The game also serves as a better locking tool for your BlackBerry, allowing you to configure the screen to display useful information such as the day, date, time, unread emails, missed calls, battery level, and more. If you’d like to just play the game, toss paper balls into the office trash can for points. Make sure to take into account wind speed and direction!

Features include:

  • Use as a locking app, or use just for the game, or both!
  • Master switch to enable/disable locking functionality.
  • Optional password to unlock your BlackBerry.
  • Optional password reminder, in case you forget your unlock password.
  • Available for both touchscreen and trackball/trackpad devices.
  • Designed for minimal impact on battery life.
  • Works in landscape or portrait mode.

More information about Office Hot Shot in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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