PocketGear Acquires Handango to Become Largest App Store

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Handango have been on a downward slope for some time now as most of the bigger sites signed up with Mobihand, and carriers are taking app store development in-house. I assume the company must have been close to bankruptcy and PocketGear came in and acquired them. Now PocketGear supports 2,000+ mobile devices, every major OS, with 140,000+ paid and free titles.

Considering the market, I can’t imagine PocketGear is in much of a better position. I’m not even sure about Mobihand’s ability to stay relevant over the long term, let alone PocketGear which is bloated with apps that will never sell. In general, I think the market is going to continue to trend towards the carriers and manufacturers fighting for market share, with a few independent stores getting whatever they can.

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