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Remotely Secure Data with the Updated Free BuddyGuard Beta App


BuddyGuard let us know that they have released their Beta 5 of their app. BuddyGuard allows you to remotely secure and wipe your device in the event of theft or loss.

The app feature set includes:

  • ALERT: Helps you find your misplaced phone by playing a loud tone, even if the phone is in silent or vibrate-only mode. In addition, it secures your phone by locking it and displaying your contact information.
  • LOCK: Displays a screen contacting your contact information and locks your phone. BuddyGuard Will keep your BlackBerry locked until you enter your password, even if your phone is rebooted.
  • LOCATE: Finds your BlackBerry using it’s GPS and sends you a link to the mapped location of your device.
  • LIST: Sends you a listing of the data on your BlackBerry, which allows you verify what a Wipe will remove without actually deleting your data.
  • WIPE: Remotely wipes your personal data from your BlackBerry, preventing unauthorized persons from accessing it. Removes Calendar, Contacts, Emails, Phone Logs, Memos, Tasks and Files on your SD Card and in Device Memory.
  • HELP: Sends you a listing of the available commands via SMS or email. Useful when you’ve forgotten the set of supported commands.

Check out the free Beta of BuddyGuard in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Click through for a full list of recent changes to the beta

AnyTime for BlackBerry Displays Multiple Timezones on Your Homescreen


AnyTime is a new app by MMMOOO that allows you to display multiple timezones on your homescreen as either an icon or screensaver. This is a pretty simple app that’s helpful for anyone who communicates with people in other timezones.

Check out AnyTime in the BlackBerryCool Store.

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Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.5


Foursquare have updated their BlackBerry app to version 1.5 and now you can check tips from the app. Tips are a great feature of Foursquare in that they let you find out more about the restaurant or venue you’re at. Since the app has Yelp integration, I think there’s an opportunity to combine tips with reviews, to give the user more information about the venue they’re visiting. You can also add your own tip from within the app now.

Download Foursquare for BlackBerry version 1.5 from

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Verizon to Discontinue the Storm 9530, Curve 8330, 8830 and Pearl Flip 8230


There’s a semi-confirmed rumor that Verizon will discontinue the Storm 9530, Curve 8330, 8830 and Pearl Flip 8230. We’ve heard that the Storm is on its way out, but its news to see the Curve 8330 (America’s most popular smartphone), and the Pearl Flip, a form factor that was never really given a chance, are both gone as well. We all knew that these devices would be on their way out eventually, as carriers update their stock with the latest devices.
Are you sad to see any of these go?

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BellShare Apps on Sale for 50% Off Including BerryWeather and BerryBuzz


The MobileHeist has been focusing on developer spotlights lately and Bellshare are the latest to participate. Five of their top-selling apps are on sale at 50% off.

To take advantage of these deals from your Desktop go here.
To view the MobileHeist from your BlackBerry, go here.

Some of the apps on sale include:

BerryPopup 1.1 – Preview Incoming E-Mail and SMS
SmartAlerts – Filtered Alerts for E-Mail/ SMS/ Calendar/ Missed Calls
BerryBuzz 2.1 – Custom LED Colors, Repeating Alerts and more!

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Giveaway: 20 Copies of Piczzle Sliding Puzzle Game for Storm


Piczzle is a fun game for the BlackBerry Storm that I’ve seen replicated really well on other platforms. It’s nice to see this game come to BlackBerry and I think you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it. The object of the game is simple: just rearrange the squares so that the picture is complete. You can choose from 3 difficulty levels and there’s a new puzzle each day. You can also use completed puzzles as your wallpaper.

More information available in the BlackBerryCool store.

To win a free copy for yourself, just leave a comment on this post with some means for us to get in touch with you. That means leaving your Twitter, Facebook or email when you comment.

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