First Images of the BlackBerry Storm3 Slider


BBleaks got the first images of the upcoming BlackBerry Slider, and while it’s not confirmed legitimate, it seems to have all the branding and makings of a BlackBerry. From the blurry images, we can see that the device has a trackpad, but we can’t confirm the touchscreen element but BBleaks seems pretty sure of it. This definitely looks like the device we heard about earlier from BGR, with the following specs:

  • It’s a portrait-oriented slider. While most people assume a device with slideout keyboard would end up being something like HTC’s devices, we’ve been told this particular handset is more like the Palm Pre in terms of layout.
  • The phone will run BlackBerry OS 6.0
  • The rumored device will 100% support Wi-Fi 802.11n
  • The resolution unfortunately has not improved, it is still 360×480.
  • No word on if this will have a touch screen, but we’d assume so, and our source alluded to this possibly being what the rumored BlackBerry Magnum/Dakota evolved into. Not saying there won’t be a Bold-like device with touchscreen, optical trackpad, and physical keyboard, but this might be released first.
  • If it does have a touch screen, this could in fact be the mythical BlackBerry Storm slider — picture a Storm 9520 with a slide up Bold-esque keyboard.
  • The phone will not be a Verizon exclusive — it’s supposed to be a GSM/HSPA device.

What are your thoughts on a BlackBerry Storm slider? Is it something you’ve been waiting for, or is the hardware design turning you off?

  • cliftonclyde

    Does RIM have to sink to the levels of handsets like the Palm Pre. This is a horrible looking piece of equipment. I hope this does not replace the Storm as RIM's touch screen offering.

  • Trax95008

    it doesn't look like it would have good balance. it looks top heavy. you would be holding it all the way at the bottom to operate the keyboard, and the top would be leveraging out of your hand.

  • Eric

    Depending on its real size I think this might be a awesome phone. I personally would like the keys to be spaced like they are on the curve vs. the boldish all-together style. I recently took my storm out of the desk, loaded 5.0, and was so happy with it I am using it now full time. I like it so much I went out and got a storm 2 actually. I have had droids, iphones, other BB's and I am finally happy with the STORM. If they can make this keyboard usable for those really few times I need to type a novel and it has touch screen I am all for it. Just for god sakes put a webkit browser with multi-touch.

  • BB Guy

    That thing so ugly it's OOOGLY.

  • Ron Jeanniton

    Storm 3 Slider? ewwww.

  • Eric at Ebscer

    The Dakota was a much better idea.

  • Caspan

    Ill take 3 please as long as its not touch screen! I hate touch screen

  • Gerald

    What about CDMA networks? what's GSM/HSPA?

  • Caspan

    Remember that the top part is all screen and the bottom would hold all the weight.

  • Derrick

    Very disappointing. I landscape keyboard layout would have been MUCH better and more ergonomic. :(

  • LKD

    ugh…I just hope that the Storm series is not ruined with this stupid contraption. RIM should stick to an exclusive touchscreen line. Yes I own a Storm and will eventually need to upgrade but I don't want this to be my “best” option…FAIL

  • Gregory Opera

    It looks okay, but now that these newer photos have come out, it's starting to look a little on the “fat” side of things… Weight is in, particularly if it involves metal covers and/or housings, but thickness is out.

  • Gregory Opera

    Well THAT would be the catch 22 with me - if it's too top-heavy, then it would be a waste of time… I've used Palm Pre-style devices in the past and those that are top-heavy usually make the device difficult to type on.

    Palm Pre-style keyboards CAN be achieved, but you need to make sure all the weight is in the bottom and that the keyboard is not physically impaired by the width or the housing…

  • Gregory Opera

    Yeah, there ARE good devices with Palm Pre-style keyboards, but in my experience, horizontal/landscape keyboards usually work-out to be better, particularly in the long-term…

    I'm not gonna condemn Research in Motion (RIM) when they have a (seemingly) nearly-finished product already, but a horizontal/landscape keyboard would have been MUCH better and sold me from the instant I saw it - this on the other hand, is something I'd rather hold prior to committing to it.

  • Gregory Opera

    I hate devices that primarily use a touch-screen with a passion, but I agree with you COMPLETELY… You've only gotta look at products like Apple's “iPhone” range to see that there ARE a LOT of people that disagree with me and love touch-screen-based devices.

    The way I see it, Research in Motion (RIM) should have three distinct lines: BlackBerry Bold 9000-type devices, BlackBerry Storm-type devices and “BlackBerry Bold 9700a” (or whatever they decide to call it)-type devices…

    This would cover all bases and ensure maximum market penetration - BlackBerry Bold 9000-type devices for those wanting a compact device with a keyboard; BlackBerry Storm-type devices for those who loves their touch-screens and “BlackBerry Bold 9700a” (or whatever they decide to call it)-type devices for those who want the best of both worlds.

    To ditch the BlackBerry Storm series for this, would be a mistake!

    Yes, the BlackBerry Storm series had a rocky start, but the “perfect” launch that the iPhone series experienced doesn't happen very often and is INCREDIBLY hard to replicate… You only need to look at the known faults, listen to your users and then released an updated model based on that information.

  • wesware

    Sounds great. I love my Storm 2 and it's big display, but hate the touchscreen keyboard. A physical keyboard will make the Storm the bomb.

  • NookSurfer

    Glad to see that their moving in the direction of making their screens bigger. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  • Eric

    Hey RIM if you are out there. DONT GET RID OF HOLSTER SUPPORT. #1 Reason BB is better then others is the different alert profiles for in and out of holster.

  • NookSurfer

    Glad to see that their moving in the direction of making their screens bigger. Can't wait to hear more about it.

  • Eric

    Hey RIM if you are out there. DONT GET RID OF HOLSTER SUPPORT. #1 Reason BB is better then others is the different alert profiles for in and out of holster.