BlackBerry Pearl Stratus 9100 to Get Full QWERTY Keyboard?


A BlackBerry parts manufacturer, TrueSupplier, are offering a full QWERTY keypad for the upcoming, unreleased Pearl 9100. If this is true, it means three possibilities: RIM will offer the Pearl 9100 in both QWERTY and SureType, only one will be chosen over the other, or the whole thing is a hoax and the 9100 is never getting QWERTY.

So let’s put aside the idea that this is a hoax because it’s more fun to speculate on the possibility of it being real. If RIM were to offer the 9100 with a QWERTY keypad, will the keys even be large enough to be functional. By the looks of the picture, the keys are incredibly tight. Personally, I couldn’t use something that small but I’m sure there are people out there who would like a small keyboard.

What about yourself, does this look like something you could like?

  • Caspan

    I mentioned this when I firs saw this, how is it possible for the hardware of the 9100 to support a full keyboard. Most BlackBerry Smartphone keyboards only overlay a membrane and when you press a key it press the membrane down and a coating will make an electrical contact and complete a circuit. So I have questions of the legitimacy on this item. Not to mention the OS software is designed to use double tapping so how does it support a full keyboard. So unless I am missing something how is this possible?

  • Gregory Opera

    Despite some fairly nice devices being released, I have always avoided the BlackBerry Pearl series like the plague specifically because of the SureType keyboard… I've used it once before and NEVER again!

    A BlackBerry Pearl device with a “traditional” keyboard though? Now THAT is worth a closer look…

  • 9100

    Is qwerty vs. suretype the difference between Striker and Stratus?

  • 9100

    Is qwerty vs. suretype the difference between Striker and Stratus?