Feature Packed VersaTool All-in-One App With 20 Giveaways


VersaTool is a collection of features that help make your BlackBerry more useful. We recently covered a similar app, FixMo Tools, and it will be great to see how the two products develop and compete for features.

VersaTool has a ton of features and small apps built into it, and it’s only in version 1.0. The first iteration of the product includes 10 enhancements, that provide a range of features such as canned responses and shortcut key popup menus. Continue reading because we have giveaways!

Official VersaTool features:

  • Alarms: Set as many nameable and snoozable alarms using whatever ring tones you like for any combination of days and times.
  • Canned Responses: Save short or long email clippings and combine them to reply quickly to common emails.
  • Auto Reply: Use email/PIN/SMS filters to automatically respond to incoming messages with a Canned Response.
  • Home Screen Bookmarks: Bookmark URLs, popup menus, VersaTool applets and many other tasks to your BB home screen.

  • Popup Menus: Create menus to common tasks like emailing, calling or searching the web and assign them to home screen bookmarks or convenience keys.
  • Really Convenient Keys: The built in convenience keys limit you to one action: pressing a button. VersaTool allows you to assign actions to pressing, but also to pressing and holding and double pressing. You can also assign actions to the mute key and end key. Any action allowable by VersaTool is available as a target: Popping a menu, launching an app, launching a URL and more.
  • Run on Start: Have a favorite app that you’re always running that doesn’t allow run on start? Run on Start allows you to run any app when your BlackBerry starts up.
  • Run on Schedule: And why limit yourself to running things on startup? Run on Schedule allows you to schedule any action that VersaTool allows on any schedule you want.
  • Just Take the Picture: 9 times out of 10 when you want to take a picture of something, by the time you’ve got my BB out and unlocked you’ve lost the opportunity. Just Take the Picture allows you to take pictures from anywhere quickly, even while the device is locked (OS 5.0+ only).

  • Tip Calculator: Are you deficient in basic arithmetic like I am? Tip Calculator will make sure your deficiencies don’t penalize your wait staff.
  • Unit Conversion: Need to know how many angstroms are in a meter? Easy peasy with Unit Converter.
  • Weather: Bookmark the weather for your city to your home screen and see the weather at a glance. The home screen icon always shows the current weather and highs and lows for the day.

  • Device Actions: Use scheduling or menu items to perform device actions like enabling wifi, taking a screen shot or locking the device.
  • More to come!

Unofficial features:

(These features use undocumented or hidden BlackBerry features that may not be available on all current or future devices and OS versions)

  • Flashlight: (OS 5+ only) Use the brightest light on your berry, the video camera light, to show your way in the dark.
  • Standby: Set your berry to automatically standby when the backlight turns off.
  • Reboot: Schedule your berry to reboot to refresh your free memory.

VersaTool is available on a free 30 day trial and a very reasonable $4.99 afterwards. As per much of the software in the BlackBerryCool store, you get an additional 14 or so percent if you purchase in the first couple weeks.

Ok so how do you win a free copy? First, make sure to leave a comment with some means for us to reach you, whether it be Facebook, email or Twitter. Second, let us know what you would like to see in a future version of VersaTool. We have 20 to give away so there is plenty of room to win.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Techa Tasos Chrysostomou

    Nice program. Hope I can get a copy to try it out :D

  • Breiti

    Seems to be a nice one; is it already optimized for OS 5? Would love to have some more maintenance tools in (battery monitor, mem optimizers, …)

    twitter: @breitios

  • rmangold

    This looks fantastic. I can't wait to try it – How about including revolving wallpaper? Include some cool backgrounds to start your crackberries off!

  • nfldberryguy

    I'd love to win this one.

  • http://twitter.com/rudychow Rudy Chow

    Suggestion: Add press and hold ESCAPE key as an assignable button. This would be a perfect spot for a favorite app rather than the side-located convenience keys.

    Awesome app. Would love to win this!

  • Pharaohnuff

    This looks like a very handy app. I particularly like some of the features like editing popup menus and setting homescreen shortcuts because it brings features of other apps all into one.

  • awperk

    this seems rather useful, i've especially been looking for something with auto-standby

  • silverarrows

    i love this app…. using it currently on trial and just can't do without the MENU POPUPS and CONVENIENT KEYS options! one thing i really think is missing is that it doesn't seem to be able to access any of the apps in the INSTANT MESSAGING folder…. for eg. i can't assign WLM or GTALK to any of the convenience keys or menu popups….. this is a much needed feature imho…. other than that, its brilliant!

  • hongwei

    It's a good app.support WIFI?
    Please give me a copy.

  • Kathryn

    The program looks great. I aside from the suggestions I've seen I would also like to see are convenience keys that are active when in any application, rather than having to return to the homescreen in order to use a convenience key.

  • leone

    i want to see a speech recognizing app

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Alecko-A-Conure/695429627 Alecko A Conure

    Would like a compass!

  • Joshua

    Sounds like a great app. I especially like the multiple alarms, which even the other paid apps don't do well. Would love to see a quickpull-like tool to simulate a battery pull, along with more flexibility for custom shortcut keys from the main screen.

  • Funaki

    one can never have enough maintenance tools for the BB. i find myself doing maintenance manually on my BB. something like this would help.

  • George Chehade

    It will be a good idea if it has a twitter or social network app…

  • frozencloud

    i would love to see this app provide “world clock” where u can set up 3-4 clocks for other locations around the world

  • lukesvenn

    anything that shows battery discharges, app memory uses like the meterberry would be good.

  • jackperdue

    Wow, looks like this would replace six other apps I'm currently using.

  • Daniel Atwood

    I would love to have this for my Blackberry.

  • jackperdue

    Looks like this would replace six apps I'm currently using.

  • mattjuranna

    i like the idea how u can schedule a reboot to free up memory, but it would be better if they are some sort of feature where u can boost up some memory without rebooting

  • Mark

    hook me up!

  • Chris Tanner

    Looks like a great swiss army knife type of app. Would like to see a quickpull feature added.

  • Aogden

    Looks like a wonderful tool to add to my 9530.

  • irklak

    Love the app concept.

    I would like to see an option to have hardware key shortcuts and buttons set for various profiles. For example being able to set shortcuts for while I am working and different ones for the weekend, by being able to toggle them in the application.

    to me that would be a killer feature.

  • mikanmatt

    i think it would be better if u can have a quick key to access this app on homescreen/menu screen so i dont have to do any scrolling to get to something i need quick

  • cindyngco

    customize the led light to change to a certain colors for certain person/messages would be cool.

  • ruhrohs

    As others have mentioned, this does look like a nice app. I hope I win a copy so I can use it past the 30 days!

  • mike

    A free run at this would be good.

  • zaxxon

    Thanks. I would love to see the ability of VersaTool to disable the bottom buttons on the Storm1/2 from activating the screen.

  • Curt

    Look s like this will replace several utilities that I use on a regular basis. As far as any additional features, maybe the option to have a busy/vacation-mail auto-response when you either have the phone turned off, in meetings (automatic mute and reply to SMS), and maybe blacklists for phone numbers as well.

  • Aly48

    Can't wait to try it – I'd like to see a world clock.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.marzano Phil Marzano

    Sounds like a great tool. I'd like to see it have the capability to back up your BB and maybe a quick way to clear up memory. A program that automatically saves your passwords into a specific file like a password keeper would be nice, too. It's a pain to have to remember to go and change that once you've reset a password…

  • cron912

    Sounds like a useful app!

  • yaa

    I would love for the scheduling option to schedule on and then off for programs. Would be great for music programs for example.

  • yaa

    I would love for the scheduling option to schedule on and then off for programs. Would be great for music programs for example.

  • http://www.gavincampbellonline.com/ Gavin Campbell

    This looks like a great tool. How about a wallpaper changer built in.

  • http://www.gavincampbellonline.com/ Gavin Campbell

    This looks like a great tool. How about a wallpaper changer built in.

  • http://www.gavincampbellonline.com/ Gavin Campbell

    This looks like a great tool. How about a wallpaper changer built in.

  • sam811

    I've not used the program so other than the comments already listed I don't know what I would want in future releases. If I win a copy I will certainly find something to add though.

  • Joshua

    I would like to see versatool adds dictionary to it, direct search from multiple search engines, schedule restart and lastly shortcuts like superqwerty.

  • William Givans

    give me one. i would like to see auto profile.

  • Brant

    Count me in! Seems like a very useful app.

  • http://www.facebook.com/walt.danker Walt Danker

    i'd like to see a tool that compares prices side by side for an item that is available in 2 sizes. So which one is cheaper per unit, the 16 ounce can @ $2.50 or the 710 mL bottle @ $3.00?

  • http://www.facebook.com/walt.danker Walt Danker

    i'd like to see a tool that compares prices side by side for an item that is available in 2 sizes. So which one is cheaper per unit, the 16 ounce can @ $2.50 or the 710 mL bottle @ $3.00?

  • jb305

    looks good hope i win

  • singersplace

    I have both Fixmo and VersaTool on my computer and find them both quite useful. I don't see that they will necessarily be competing with each other, as both perform quite different tasks. Two features that I would like to see added to VersaTool are: 1) the ability to set a once only alarm, and 2) more up-to-date currency conversions (the currency conversion is now based on the January 23rd exchange rate.

    Of interest, is that I was a beta tester for Fixmo, as I have been for VersaTool. When Fixmo was ready to issue V1.0 (stable), they issued a complimentary copy for all beta testers. It would be a neat gesture for VersaTool to do the same.

  • Pinli

    Nice software.Please give me a copy.

  • u4rhea

    This app seems to be able to do a lot of handy things. A scheduled reset feature would be nice.

  • tfrankson

    I would like to see some form of memory app.. cleaning the memory on the bb and internet