Rumor: BlackBerry Storm2 Getting Improved Touchscreen and Recall

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The bad press and feedback from the BlackBerry Storm2 has been never ending. That’s not to say that the Storm2 is a bad device, but of all BlackBerrys it has had the hardest time garnering mass appeal and its rivals have set the bar for quality incredibly high. My personal experience with the Storm2 has been varied. The Storm has some major bugs but it also makes apps looks really crisp and the larger screen is much appreciated.

Rumor sources are reporting that we may expect a worldwide (Verizon first) recall of the Storm2, as RIM have enhanced the touchscreen and made older models eligible for a replacement. Apparently, RIM has added silicone actuators to the touchscreen to improve the performance and tactile response. As of February 10th, 2010, all Storm2 devices contain this enhancement. You can identify these devices by a green dot on the master carton and/or date code on the back of the device (more details below).

Those users who have experienced issues with the Storm2 touchscreen, and all warranty/eligibility requirements are met, will be provided a new and enhanced device, assuming the rumor turns out to be true.

To identify if the Storm2 is a newer model with this improved touchscreen, use the Date Code:

  • The date code is located on the label in the battery cavity of the device as shown in the red circle below for either 3 or 6 digit date codes.
  • The following 3 digit date codes contain the new hardware changes: # C2A, D2A, E2A, F2A, G2A, H2A, I2A, J2A, K2A, L2A, M2A and N2A.
  • Starting on February 22, 2010 or later the date code is displayed on the device label in DDMMYY format (220210).
  • All devices with the above 3 digit date codes or 6 digit date codes contain the new hardware changes.
  • Location of Date Code on Label in Battery Cavity in Red Circle

If this is true, and your device is eligible, will you be replacing it?

  • Bob
    I called Verizon in an attempt to get a replacement, but both reps that I got simply repeated that it was not a "known issue" and they had no "service bulletin" that communicated problems with the Storm 2....

  • dfox
    Although this article is correct, I DO NOT recommend switching out Storms unless your issues are severe. I switched out mine and the "improved" device was much worse. I switched it out again - same thing. Today I have received my 3rd Storm2 switch-out and still, the issues are much worse.
  • jmmurray
    I have major issues with my Storm 2. The Storm 2 was the first BlackBerry I bought. The experience hasn't been good.

    Screen sticks, phone crashes due to Modem Proc. All in all, I haven't had joy with this phone.

    My service provider is willing to exchange it for a 9700, but I'll rather go for another make.
  • brayndeded
    I got mine today and yes they are a refurb but with the silicone actuators. its a newer unit the the one that was made and 1st sold back in nov 09 when they came out. im transfering my data to it right now and the screen feels alot smoother and more responsive.
  • alan
    maybe im retarded...but how can i tell my storm2 is part of the recall? i dont have a red dot...thanks
  • Robert
    Does not look like Verizon is FULLY honoring this just yet. Took mine in and they wanted to keep it for a couple of hours to try and replicate the issues. Seems a bit suspicious that they would do this, and then say they have cataloged the issue on my account. Seems they might be ramping up for the OFFICIAL recall... Just my thoughts.

    If there is a recall then I will have something to say with the waste of time I spent with all of this...
  • Paul
    Just call Verizon and they are sending out like new device which should take care of the problem I was told. Hope soooooooooooo.
  • StormTrooper
    We work with Telus for our corporate Storm devices, they claim this to be rumor
  • Lena
  • Lena
    ah, ive gone back to the store for a new one cuz mine kept on restarting. its happening again and the wifi isnt working but i dont wanna bring it back to bug them, but heyyy! if its a recall, definitely D:
  • Bruce
    I bought a used BB Storm on Ebay as a backup (second phone). Will they (BB/Verizon) warranty that as well?
  • sabeluv
    I called and they said would ship out new one but I do not know if it is new one or a refurbished one but rep said that this unit will definately not have the issue from before with the green button sticking
  • James
    blackberry storm 9530 should be replaced with a new storm2 because RIM knew this 9530 have a problem right from the start
  • Nicketmaster
    Yes, that's my issue. It isn't just those buttons though, it's that whole corner when it happens. It's rare, but it's common enough to be annoying.
  • brayndeded
    if your storm2 was built before feb 2 then you are good to go (according to regional rep i talked to who was in my store(hutch ks). all i had to do was give them my phone # and told them the buttons were sticking,signed the agreement to ship back my current unit when i get my new one in 2 days. and that was it. no renewing contract or anything. i was in and out in less time it takes to go thru a drivethru window. ill get my new one monday and send back the old one in the prepaid carton/envelope they send me. as soon as i get the new 1 up and running, ill post on if theres much of a difference.
  • Nicketmaster
    Great. I'll call on Monday to see if they can do it over the phone.
  • dannymaccuse
    I got my Storm2 in late Nov-2009. I'm not clear on y'alls myself...I find that the green call button...and the BB button can't be when the screen is turned touch at all. Or...I have to press very hard to activate the key(s). Is this the experience that you others have had? Overall...I love this phone. And as NicketMaster said...I'd only replace it with an improved STORM2. My previous was a TREO 755P. I like the touch screens...If PALM had updated the browser...I'd still use that phone...but I digress..
  • sabeluv
    do you have to go to store or can you call customer service. I got my device 3 months ago so does that mean I can get the new and improved.
  • Nicketmaster
    I will be looking into this. Both of the Storm2's in my household have had issues with the call and bb button sticking (that whole corner, really.) It usually works itself out after a while, but getting a free upgrade to not have to deal with that issue anymore is a non-debate. Mind you, I love my Storm2 and would not trade it in for anything but an improved Storm2 :)
  • brayndeded
    ITS TRUE!! I just did it! I literally just read this and was going to call my wife, and honestly the green call button and blackberry buttons were sticking ond not responding. I tried to call Verizon but couldnt press the #3 cuz the bb button was stuck. I went down there and a rep was in the store and confirmed it is true and I signed for a new unit to be here in 2 days! free of charge.
  • brayndeded
    Heck yeah, if i can get a new one with the silicone implants(hehee), then heack yeah i will do it!
  • Luke
    why not replace it if i can get a brand new one for free. i'll do it.
  • Curt
    Replace with brand new AND improved? DOH!
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