T-Mobile Spokesperson Responds to WiFi BlackBerry Data Outage


T-Mobile have issued an explanation for the BlackBerry data outage that affected users on Monday and Tuesday, saying it related only to WiFi and not T-Mobile’s network. This is contradictory to what many users reported, but all inquiries on the subject were deflected from T-Mobile to RIM, who have not commented on the outage.

In an email to PC World, a T-Mobile spokesperson said the outage affected all North American carriers, and that RIM’s technical support team managed to troubleshoot the problem.

“This particular issue occurred only when customers attempted to send/receive data, browse the Web or send PIN-to-PIN (Peronal Identification Number) messages via Wi-Fi,” the spokesperson said. “Services over T-Mobile’s network were operational throughout this time. T-Mobile instructed customers to turn off Wi-Fi and connect via our network.”

Again, this isn’t what users reported experiencing. BlackBerry users across North America reported data issues affecting WiFi devices not connected to a WiFi network. With RIM’s history of silence on these matters, we probably won’t ever fully understand what happened.

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