BIS 3.0 Roundup: Gmail Sync Feature Still Unconfirmed

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There is a lot going around about the recent announcement of BIS 3.0 and some confusion about whether it will include a Gmail 2-way sync. The first users to get the update were in South-East Asia, with EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) following. Users in these regions have been reporting a lack of Gmail sync leaving North American users wondering if it’s going to happen. The official announcement on the support forums recognizes the existence of Gmail sync via an updated plugin, but this doesn’t seem to be available. The RIM knowledgebase mentions the Gmail plugin, but fails to acknowledge the sync features. This could just be a blunder on the part of whoever wrote the article. Overall, it seems we’re going to see the plugin, but perhaps not until version 3.1. We’ll have to wait for the 3.0 upgrade and see.

Another addition to BIS 3.0 includes a carrier portal. The carrier portal tool is a new BlackBerry email admin tool designed to meet the requests solicited from wireless service providers regarding the BIS. Some of the features include:

  • A completely new user interface providing clearer, easier access to information and functions within the tool.
  • The introduction of ‘Groups’ for managing support staff who utilize the system.
  • Enhanced permissions capabilities for administrators to more easily define which features should be available to their support staff users.
  • Link to BlackBerry Technical Solutions Center (BTSC).
  • Expanded Browser support
  • Additional subscriber search options.

This isn’t of any real value to the end user, and for now we’re going to stay focused on whether Gmail sync is coming. Let’s hope it’s on the way and the reports we’re seeing don’t apply to North America (not that EMEA and SE Asian users don’t matter).

  • Paul F
    Any idea when AP users can expect it?
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