Private Address Book App BlackBook Gets Major Update


MBLware have released a major update to their BlackBook app. BlackBook is just what you think it is: a hidden contact list on your BlackBerry that keeps certain communications private. By typing in a custom key combination, users can access their private BlackBook, and even if your BlackBerry is compromised, certain communications remain hidden.

New Features include:

  • Save Unknown SMS - By blocking inbound SMS with the firewall, and enabling this option, users can now easily hide all SMS messages while still saving the message from unknown contacts.
  • Extended SMS - With extended SMS there’s no need to worry about filling up that 140 character limit. Messages will be delivered in multiple parts.
  • Stealth Mode - Send all calls straight to voicemail and avoid those awkward ‘Who was that?!’ moments.
  • Vibration Alerts - When enabled, one long vibration will notify you when a new message arrives.
  • Auto-Close - Don’t pull a Tiger. BlackBook will automatically close when the backlight turns off.
  • Email Enhancements - Send to multiple recipients, CC / BCC support for email and Outbound Email Attachments.

  • Pre-existing features include:

  • Completely Hidden Address Book - Selected contacts will be hidden from prying eyes. Only after entering your secret key-combo will the app, and its contents become accessible.
  • Fake Caller-ID Names - Customizable caller-id names will display for incoming calls. The love of your life will be the none-the-wiser when “Grandma” is calling to check-in.
  • Custom Filtering - With user defined filtering, you can decide the extent at which BlackBook hides activities on the phone. Enable or disable filtering of phone calls, sms, pin, and email to your liking.
  • Importing, and Exporting - Choose who’s calls and conversations you want to keep hidden on your phone. You can import, or export contacts from the native Address Book with ease.
  • A complete change-log is available from MBLware.

    More information about BlackBook available in the BlackBerryCool Store. If you’re upgrading the app, remember that you must export your contacts prior to installing the new version, or risk overwriting them.

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