How to Fix the GPS on Your BlackBerry


So you just got a brand new BlackBerry, you slap on Foursquare, let it detect your position, but notice that it’s taking forever.  You make your way through the options menu, select the ‘GPS’ menu and start switching ‘location on’ to ‘location off’ back to ‘location on’, then from ‘enable’ to ‘disable’ back to ‘enable’.  At this point you might make your way back to Foursquare, realize that you’ve had enough patience to deal with the nonsense and run to your service provider claiming that your GPS isn’t working.  Hold the phone.

Turns out that there is a fix that may or may not (depending your carrier) “activate” your GPS.

  •  Make your way to the options menu.  Select ‘status’ (where you find your PIN).
  • Type test – You’ll notice “Device Self Test Application” appear.
  • Press the trackball/trackpad or menu key and select “start”.
  • Scroll down to GPS and check it.
  • Scroll down and select “Run”.

It will ask you to head outside because the signal is stronger (I’ve done this test indoors, in case you are wondering).  

  • Click on the trackball/trackpad and select “Start Fixing”.

Great news, at this point you should see “GPS fixing succeeds!”.  In some cases you might face a ‘time out’ or a ‘failure’ to fix and it’s usually because your GPS is locked, all thanks to your dearly beloved mobile carrier.  Once this process is over (which takes no more than 5 minutes), click down on your trackball/trackpad, select “skip all” and you are back to “Device Self Test Application”.  Hit the back button and make your way out of the options menu.

[Tip courtesy of PinStack]

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  • Andrew

    'Fixing' in this context doesn't mean to 'make not broken', it just means to acquire your current GPS location. Using your GPS in the future will be just as slow as it always was.

  • Kix Cash

    The GPS works fine on my BlackBerry Bold 9000, usually locking-on to a satellite in under 10 seconds from a “cold” start!

  • Dave

    The biggest difference when it comes to fix time is whether or not your phone has pre-cached the ephemeris data with the data connection. Otherwise it has to get that data from the satellites which is what takes forever. I believe you turn this on by enabling “location aiding”.

  • Marc

    This tip does not work on the BB Storm. I went to the status page and popped up the keyboard and typed Test and nothing happened.

  • Jeff Gerard

    Thanks to this tip, I discovered that MTS Allstream has *finally* enabled GPS functionality on their network. I have a Tour 9630 and have only had it for a couple months. GPS definitely was not working up until very recent.

  • Dave

    Thank you sooooo much. This worked for me. I have tried every option I could find through forums etc… for about a year. I now get a lock on BBMaps and Google maps within seconds :)

  • Dave

    nevermind…. :'( it DOES work but only for a little while it seems… my phone went back to its frustrating usual ways

  • Dave

    nevermind…. :'( it DOES work but only for a little while it seems… my phone went back to its frustrating usual ways

  • K M_06

    i have the same phone as you, just today my gps decided not to work?! tried everything even this quick fix but all i get is a timed out message… my netowork provider is orange. Any idea's? =[

  • GPS phone tracker

    Yeah, it worked for me as well, really nice tips.

  • Nilishadaga

    Finally a solution!! it works:) thanks a lot!

  • Kaushik Maniam

    whether it works on blackberry 9800 ?. can anybody help it out