March Madness: Twinkler Software is 30% for the Month of March


Twinkler Software are having a March sale from now until March 31st, where they’re giving 30% off any app in the Twinkler Software Catalog.

To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “MARCHMADNESS” for your discount on some great apps such as:

  • AddOnis - This is an all-in-one utility app that adds a ton of functionality to your device. It’s best described as a feature set so read up on them in the store.
  • InstantLog - Automatically log any or all of your incoming or outgoing call, email or sms details.
  • WiFi Hero - Location based control of WiFi power (automatic On and OFF) based on your cell tower location.
  • AddContactX - Adds contact information to your address book from your call log.
  • SendX - Send information to your Calendar, Memo Pad, Task Manager from Email, SMS, or Phone Logs.

Remember to use Coupon Code “MARCHMADNESS” at checkout!

Take a look at the Twinkler Software catalog in the BlackBerryCool Store.