BIS 3.1 Screenshot Confirms Address Book Sync


Although we’re hearing rumors that BIS 3.1 and 3.2 are coming with Yahoo!, Gmail and Hotmail sync, it’s always good to see some screenshots that confirm. The most recent leaks show some Address Book sync with Yahoo! confirming that we’ll be seeing this in upcoming BIS versions.

Again, in BIS 3.1, expected to arrive in June of 2010, we’ll see:

  • Two-way contact (address book) sync with Yahoo! and Windows Live Hotmail and Sync ML (ALT-N)
  • Ability to share credentials on the device for an overall easier
  • User able to self delete BIS account (added security)

in BIS 3.2, expected to be delivered in October of 2010, we should see:

  • Calendar sync with Yahoo! and Google
  • Small business management console

Considering these services have been around for so long, it seems like forever to wait until October 2010 for Google calendar sync.