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BIS 3.0 Upgrade Successful with OpenDocument Support


The BIS 3.0 upgrade went through over the weekend, and while we won’t see Gmail sync until the Spring, it’s good to be at 3.0. There really isn’t anything outstanding that comes with BIS 3.0, however the additional attachment support is nice.

With BIS 3.0, your BlackBerry now supports the following: OpenDocument presentations (.odp), OpenDocument spreadsheets (.ods), OpenDocument text (.odt), OpenDocument text templates (.ott) and Windows Media Audio (.wma).

For a full list of features that come with the BIS 3.0 upgrade, check out RIM’s knowledgebase article.

Free Picture Slideshow App from MMMOOO


MMMOOO have an ongoing project creating BlackBerry Screensavers which let users play animations or get useful information about their BlackBerry. Currently, they offer My Battery, Any Time and Aquarium, and they now have iGallery. iGallery lets you play a photo slideshow on your BlackBerry, turning your smartphone into a digital photo frame. This app is definitely one for visiting Granny, or showing off pictures to family. Best of all, the app is free.

Download your free copy of iGallery from MMMOOO.

This Day in BlackBerry: What Was Hot Today for the Past 5 Years


BlackBerryCool is the longest running BlackBerry blog on the Internet. The site’s content dates back to January 2005 and a lot has changed in the past 5 years. Lets take a look at what sort of news was making headlines this day of March 29th, for the past 5 years.
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Maximer CRM Mobile Updated with New UI, Navigation and Media Support


Maximizer make a comprehensive CRM application for BlackBerry and they have recently launched Maximizer CRM 11. Maximizer Mobile gives the user real-time information in the field including customers’ history, leads, sales opportunities, dashboards, customer service cases, documents, and schedules. The latest update to Maximizer Mobile features a redesigned tabbed interface, tighter integration with native BlackBerry applications, and more features that enable deeper interaction with real-time customer data.
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Zenprise Launch Smartphone Remote Control Feature


Zenprise have a very robust device management solution that IT administrators use to keep tabs on the mobile deployments across large organizations. Today, they have introduced a new smartphone remote control feature for their device management solution MobileManager. The software enables help desk representatives to remotely connect and view a user’s smartphone screen. Help desk reps can view and walk a user through troubleshooting their device, or they can take control and troubleshoot themselves.
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Follow Friday: BlackBerry Twitter Community Roundup #FF


I’ve done one of these roundups before, but I believe it was before Twitter lists were available. I have been trying to build a comprehensive Twitter List of active Twits in the BlackBerry community. Feel free to follow this list, and please plug your own Twitter account or someone you enjoy following in the Twittersphere.
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