Tumblr for BlackBerry Review: Video Bug but Overall Quality App


Recently, Tumblr released the first official version of its Blackberry app, and as a Tumblr user myself, I thought I would give it a review.

First, the visuals. Those familiar with Tumblr’s iPhone app will feel at home. From desaturated blue to light gray, Tumblr’s color scheme looks good on my 9700’s bright screen.

On the main menu, there are the usual options for sending data to Tumblr: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio and Video, each with icons identical to Tumbr’s web site. Access to each of these menus is accompanied by smooth, wipe transitions. In the upper left-hand corner, users can access their Tumblr dashboards, and in the upper right-hand, settings.

Under each submenu, users will find the option to send the post (upper-right) or cancel it (upper-left). Also, so-called “advanced” features such as tagging and scheduled publishing may be access via a menu at the bottom of the screen.

Posting is simple. For example, to send text, simply give your post a title, type text in the body, then select “post.” If you are half-way through a post and decide to finish it later, just exit the post by pressing the back button and select “Save for later.” A little blue dot will sit on your post to let you know you have a draft saved. Like I said, easy.
Similarly, Photos didn’t present any problems. When a user accesses the Photo section, the user is presented with the option to either “Take a new photo,” or “Choose an existing photo,” and may add captions to the image before uploading.

Under audio, users are given the option to record or select audio then play it back. Once again, no issues.
However, I did have problems uploading video. Similar to uploading audio, users are given the option to record a new video or select one that has already been recorded. Users may then add a title and a description. Unfortunately, I could never actually post a video. After selecting post, the upload would hang for several minutes before presenting me with an error message that the video couldn’t be posted. The two times the video did send, there were error messages whenever I tried to playback the video on my tumblog. I tried both long videos (30 seconds) and short videos (10 seconds). Given that the video sent from the 9700 is .3gp, a mobile video standard, this is strange.

Final opinion: Besides video, I didn’t have any problems using the app. Navigating the menus was intuitive, and the transitions pleasant. Clearly, this polished app is meant to make mobile blogging easy. It’s such a shame about the video though. Without it, I am not sure this app has a place, especially for those with older Blackberrys that are strained for space. Given that, with the exception of long videos, I can do nearly all of the things this app is supposed to do through email, it’s a shame to see that feature broken.

Download the Tumblr app and give it a shot. Did video work for you? Let us know what you think.

  • http://bllix.tumblr.com bllix

    I'm having a similar problem with the video upload feature. It posts just fine, but says “Error Playing Video” when anyone clicks 'Play'. Bummer.

  • Bob

    yeah, videos won't play. sucks.

  • Jen

    Personally, i dislike it because I can’t veiw other people’s blogs, just my dash :/

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